A fight between a passenger and a flight attendant on an Egyptian plane

Al-Marsad newspaper: a video clip documented an argument between an African passenger who speaks Arabic and an Egyptian host because the passenger was sitting on a seat other than the seat allotted to her and her refusal to instruct the employee to go to her seat. The video showed the passenger insulting the host, saying […]

Earth may face a collision with two large asteroids within days

Jeddah – Nermin Al-Sayed – NASA announced the possibility of the Earth colliding with two asteroids, especially since there are persistent fears of the possibility of an asteroid colliding with the Earth; Which could cause untold destruction and complete annihilation. And NASA indicated, according to the “Russia Today” website, that no warnings were issued regarding […]

Jeff Bezos loses $20 billion in hours

Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow up with impartiality: American billionaire Jeff Bezos lost $20.5 billion of his fortune, after Amazon.com results disappointed investors. Shares of the e-commerce company fell 14 percent on Friday, after it reported a quarterly loss and the slowest sales growth since 2001. Bezos’ net worth fell to $148.4 billion, according […]

Watch .. the collapse of the Egyptian businessman “Hassan Ratib” and a former parliamentarian at the moment of the verdict in the case of major antiquities

Al-Marsad newspaper: businessman Hassan Ratib, former parliamentarian Alaa Hassanein, and the rest of the defendants in the Great Antiquities case collapsed, following the issuance of prison sentences today. The North Cairo Criminal Court sentenced former deputy Alaa Hassanein to 10 years in prison, five years for businessman Hassan Ratib and a fine of one million […]

The dollar records a new rise against the Egyptian pound

Al-Marsad newspaper: The price of the dollar rose against the Egyptian pound, in trading today, Monday, by 7 piasters. And the price of the dollar in the Al-Ahly and Egypt government banks rose to 18.37 pounds for purchase, and 18.45 pounds for sale, compared to the level of 18.30 pounds for purchase and 18.38 pounds […]

The Ukrainian war ravages global markets and fuels fears of a shortage of…

Arabic Net Commodities extended their massive gains as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continued to destabilize global markets and fuel fears of a supply crunch. Read also… JP Morgan: Russian supply disruption could raise oil prices to $185 Prices rose from crude oil to aluminum and wheat, as the raw materials recorded their largest weekly rise […]