So beautiful! Found illegal cigarettes tucked into the grass – water pipes – under the military vehicle “Sor Sor Sor” collided with the elderly pickup truck, killed 6 bodies, preparing to push the test.

Buriram – Awkwardly beautiful! Found illegal foreign cigarettes hidden in the grass old sewer And fell under a military car with the rank of “Sor.Sor.Sor” that crashed into a pick-up truck, the elderly died, raising the car to 6 bodies, a total of 257 cotton or 2,570 envelopes, the police and the excise seized for […]

Community Nursing: Important service to elderly people from the City of Vienna in Turkish

Neslihan Kutluca , Vienna VIENNA. short name RRF financed by the European Commission within the framework of the „Austrian Recovery and Resilience Plan“. City of VIenna Soziales Fond One of the pilot projects implemented withCommunity Nursing services were introduced in Turkish. Last week, the partner of the project Pensioners’ Club (Pensionist:innenklub) 20. One of the […]