Brazil presidential election, Mr. Bolsonaro launches personal and corporate debt relief | Reuters

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Oct. 6 unveiled plans to tax dividends to fund debt forgiveness for some individuals and companies and to finance social security. FILE PHOTO: Brasilia May 4, 2022 REUTERS/Adriano Machado [ブラジリア 6日 ロイター] – Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Thursday unveiled plans to tax dividends to fund debt forgiveness for some […]

Column: When will the next intervention take place, and how will the effects and tactics of the government and the Bank of Japan be interpreted = Hideo Kumano | Reuters

Hideo Kumano The Dai-ichi Life Research Institute [Tokyo 26th]- Dollar-selling and yen-buying interventions by the government and the Bank of Japan will likely continue several times. The September 22nd intervention was truly a surprise attack. This intervention was a response to show a “resolute stance” not to break through the 145 yen defensive line after […]

Swedish Prime Minister announces resignation, admits defeat in general election | Reuters

Sweden’s Prime Minister Andersson (pictured) has announced his resignation after conceding defeat in the general election held on 11th. Photo provided (2022 Reuters/Jessica Gow/TT News Agency via REUTERS) [ストックホルム 14日 ロイター] – Swedish Prime Minister Andersson announced his resignation on the 14th, conceding defeat in the general election held on the 11th. The right-wing factions […]

South Ossetia shelves referendums over Russia | Reuters

South Ossetian leader Alan Gagloyev, who has unilaterally declared separation and independence from Georgia (Georgia), completed talks with Russia on May 30 on a referendum asking whether to transfer to Russia. Announced that it will be postponed until. Photo taken at Russian military base in South Osetia, June 2018 (2022 Reuters / David Mdzinarishvili) [Reuters]— […]

Focus: Yoon Seok-you, President-elect of South Korea, will be the “stop” for North-South cooperation | Reuters

[Seoul 10th Reuters]–Park Young-man’s desire to reopen the clothing factory in the Kaesong Industrial Complex, an economic cooperation project between South Korea and North Korea, is the largest conservative opposition party “People Power Party” in the South Korean presidential election. It seems that Yoon Seok-yeol’s victory has made him a “dream again”. On March 10, […]

Column: Risks of both rising inflation and economic slowdown, what are the investment tactics in an emergency = Mr. Norihiro Fujito | Reuters

Norihiro Fujito Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities [Tokyo 9th]–The Russian invasion of Ukraine suddenly reversed the hands of the clock 60-70 years ago. The 1956 “Hungarian Revolution” and the 1968 “Prague Spring” in Czechoslovakia are a return to the time when they were overrun by Soviet tanks. On March 9, the Russian invasion of Ukraine […]