Yamaha’s New Scooter Officially Launched, the Model is Futuristic Like a Robot, The Features Are All Sophisticated, NMAX Is Less Expensive

Yamaha Taiwan Yamaha’s new scooter is officially launched, the model is futuristic like a robot, the features are all sophisticated, NMAX is less expensive Otomania.com – The new Yamaha scooter is officially launched, the model is futuristic like a robot, the features are all sophisticated, NMAX is less expensive. Yamaha has officially launched a new […]

Challenge PCX Electric, Electric Motors Similar to Nmax So Enter Indonesia in 2022?

Jakarta – Yamaha has not yet marketed its electric motorcycle products to Indonesian consumers. But according to the Chief Executive Officer, Yamaha Motor Co., Yoshihiro Hidaka, there are plans to market electric motorcycles in Europe, Japan, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Quoted from a previous Bloomberg report, Yoshihiro Hidaka leaked that his party would offer […]

Honda Electric Motorcycle Design Registered in Indonesia, Price Equivalent to BEAT

Jakarta – Honda registered one of its newest electric motorcycles in Indonesia. Honda’s latest electric motorcycle design patent, named Honda U-GO is registered in Indonesia. The design of the Honda U-Go electric scooter is registered in the Intellectual Property Database of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Ministry of Law & Human Rights. […]

Gesits Wants to Launch a New Electric Motor, More Competitive Prices

Jakarta – Gesits electric motorbikes have started circulating on the streets in Indonesia. Thousands of Gesits units have been enjoyed by consumers. Reportedly, in the near future Gesits will launch a new electric motor. This was conveyed by the President Director of PT Wika Industri Manufaktur (WIMA) M. Samyarto. He said, in the near future […]

Great! Indonesian-made electric sport motorbikes are invited to tour the Jakarta Mandalika endurance test, as well as try out a new circuit

Nobility Bl-SEV01 is an electric motorbike created by the nation’s children who tested the Mandalika Circuit, Lombok Otomania.com – BL-SEV01 Electric Motorcycle Invited to Tour the Jakarta Mandalika Route Endurance Test, as well as Try a New Circuit? The Budi Luhur Sport Electric Vehicle 01 (BL-SEV01) electric motor was tested by going on a touring […]

Bosch shows electric motors for commercial vehicles

Bosch has presented a new electric motor for commercial vehicles. The supplier is investing a total of 700 million euros in electromobility. The supplier Bosch has presented a new electric motor for light and medium-duty commercial vehicles in the USA. The name of the unit with 800 volts mains voltage is Bosch 230. The number […]

Legitimate! Electric Motorcycle Made in Indonesia Gesits Now 100% Under WIKA

Jakarta – Finally, the Gesits electric motor is now officially under a State-Owned Enterprise (BUMN), namely PT WIKA Industri and Construction (WIKA) which is a subsidiary of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk. (WIKA). In its official broadcast, the Subsidiary PT WIJAYA KARYA (Persero) Tbk explained. [WIKA] namely PT WIKA Industri and Konstruksi (WIKA) has now […]

Classification of SIM C also applies to electric motorbikes, the police give an explanation

Muslim/GridOto.com Elvindo electric motorbike illustration Otomania.com – Not only conventional motorbike users, electric motorbikes are also subject to SIM classification, here is the explanation Mentioned by the police, the issue of SIM classification is not only for conventional motorcycle users. But SIM classification is also applied to motorcyclists with electric power. This was conveyed directly […]

Indonesia Arrival of New Electric Motors, Practically No Need for Chargers

Jakarta – The Indonesian automotive industry, especially the electric motorcycle segment, is certain to have new arrivals. The cool thing is, this latest electric motorbike doesn’t need to be charged at home, you know, how come? So, don’t be confused, because in August 2021 it is planned that one of the newest electric motorcycle manufacturers […]