Health: What signs on the skin can indicate that we have COVID-19? doctor elme

Updated 08/24/2020 at 3:02 PM The doctor Elmer huerta Once again, he was encouraged to answer several questions from the viewing public in his sequence “Sanamente” that is broadcast on América Televisión. And this time, the specialist told what would be the lesions on the skin that could alert us to the presence of the […]

How to participate in phase 3 of the vaccine? – CNN

There are 167 vaccine projects in the world, according to WHO 4:10 (CNN Español) – Since the publication of our episodes on the participation of Dr. Elmer Huerta in phase 3 of the investigation of Moderna and the National Institutes of Health of the United States, our audience has asked us how they can be […]

How You Can Volunteer for the Vaccine – CNN

There are 167 vaccine projects in the world, according to WHO 4:10 (CNN Español) – Dr. Elmer Huerta answers questions from our audience. In this episode, users ask about how they can be part of phase 3 of the study of coronavirus vaccines, about the components of the Moderna company’s vaccine, about whether it is […]

SalivaDirect, the new test to detect covid-19 – CNN

This is how you quickly receive the result of the covid-19 test 4:05 (CNN Español) – SalivaDirect was recently approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, as a test to detect coronavirus. It joins the molecular test, which discovers the genetics of the virus, and the rapid or serological test, which […]

Coronavirus: Do Coffee Components Help Counteract COVID-19?

Dr. Elmer Huerta answered this question in a new edition of Sanamente. In the midst of the fight against the pandemic for coronavirus Not only have miraculous remedies emerged to cure the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2, healing qualities have also been attributed to foods such as coffee. A viewer asked the doctor Elmer Huerta […]

Health: The truth about matico and coronavirus: does it help to treat Covi

Every day ‘miraculous’ options arise to treat COVID-19, although these are not scientifically proven. In the search for a treatment against the disease, different publications assure that the matico plant serves to treat patients with coronavirus. LOOK: Minsa recommends using gel or medicinal alcohol only in places where soap and water are not available Although […]

What are the conditions that predispose to more complications from covid-19?

The triple viral against covid-19 is investigated 1:02 (CNN Español) – We still know very little about the new coronavirus, despite the fact that we have lived with it for almost seven months. However, scientists have managed to determine the groups of people who are most likely to get it and chronic diseases that, if […]