Emilio’s wife is unable to keep up

Bar Emilio his wife sometimes tests his luck in the lottery, Fortuna hasn’t smiled at him yet. Yet her mother has a definite idea of ​​how she would celebrate if her numbers were pulled out. “I’m sure I wouldn’t tell Vivi and Emil anything at first, just to take their passports with them. We would […]

Home of Emilios for sale – nlc.hu

Emilio and Tina They ask for 109 million forints for their home, where they lived for four years – writes Glance. Photo: Szabolcs Birton / smagpix “A lot of people immediately thought we were going to get married with Tina, so we’re selling the house, but that’s not to say we just grew up. Vivike […]

One of his biggest fears was overcome by Tina and Emilio

It started out as a purchase, but eventually it became a zoo walk from the program it did Emilio organized wife. This time, the singer did not lead her sweetheart into the realm of shoes and clothes, but into a zoo. “I was sure we were going shopping because Emil headed for a mall. Then […]

Surprising confession, Emilio spoke about financial problems

The singer turned 45 years old, which – for the first time – was celebrated in a close family circle, complete with her best friends. There was no shortage of tears of joy, just as there was no shortage of nostalgic, less beautiful moments. The singer turned 45 years old, which – for the first […]