Labor law: am I entitled to an interim reference?

An assessment from the employer shows employees where they stand. Can you just knock on your line manager’s door and ask for a certificate? Many employees realize that they are entitled to an end reference from their employer. But what about the interim report? Such a claim is not expressly regulated in the law. “If […]

Termination for Tönnies video – now is the case in the labor court

Panorama Corona-Scandal Termination for Tönnies video – now is the case in the labor court Status: 1:18 p.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes This is how Tönnies employees spread the corona virus in Europe Meat producer Tönnies is considered a corona hotspot in Germany. But how did the virus get to the Rheda-Wiedenbrück factory, and […]

Comment: Beware of permanent home office!

Home office It is questionable whether working conditions at home can actually be checked. (Photo: Imago) The good experience with the home office gives companies new ideas. What if the employees didn’t come back to the offices at all? For Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg it is already clear: he could attract employees who do not […]

How to survive a long illness financially

Frankfurt Most people underestimate the risk of being unable to work for a long period of time in the course of their professional life. Common causes include mental stress and accidents. Little is known about whether Covid-19 lung disease can affect health in the long term. Doctors believe that permanent damage to the lungs or […]

DGB calls for binding regulations on working time recording

Berlin The corona virus has changed the world of work. Whoever can, sits in the home office and uses the possibilities of flexible working hours to reconcile family and work in the crisis as well as possible. But many workers are also noticing how work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred. Working hours should […]

Company pension: Federal government wants to close the protection gap

German Bundestag Legislators want to do more to protect occupational pensions. (Photo: imago images / imagebroker) Berlin The Federal Government wants to better secure benefits from the company pension in the future. If an employer becomes insolvent, the Pensions-Sicherheit-Verein (PSV) should, under certain conditions, take over the payment of the company pension that the employer […]

When they help – and when they don’t

Insurance is becoming interesting for more and more people, which is more of a shadowy existence in normal economic times. Legal protection insurance for labor law is in high demand in the times of Corona. Inquiries have quadrupled since January, according to the comparison portal Check24. The answers to the most important questions on the […]

Employers reject right to home office

Berlin Employers reject plans by Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD) to legally enshrine the right to work from home. “Warming up political shopkeepers from before the biggest economic downturn in many decades seems a bit out of time,” said the managing director of the Federal Association of German Employers’ Associations, Steffen Kampeter, on Sunday. […]

Man is the biggest problem for the computer

The biggest risk to a company’s IT security is people, I learned. It is people who download dangerous malware onto their computers because they answer e-mails promising bargains. Or they just give away their password, because an email pretends to them that their bank account has been blocked and should now be unlocked again. The […]

How companies can implement Covid19 occupational safety standards

Berlin In order to enable the slow recovery of the economy despite the still high risk of infection, the Federal Cabinet passed Covid 19 occupational safety standards on Thursday. “We must not let go, we are far from over the mountain,” said Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (SPD). There is no return to normality anytime soon. […]