Several injured after a fire at the Ebertplatz tram stop

railway involved Several injured after a fire in the Cologne subway Plumes of smoke could be seen around the station. Twitter/_marinacardozo Oct 8, 2022 at 4:36 p.m Shock in the Cologne subway: a fire broke out at the Ebertplatz stop. This was confirmed by the Cologne fire brigade RTL. A tram is involved. Several people […]

If parents don’t pay, children have to go to the “mole group”

Two-class day care center in Berlin If parents don’t pay more, the children have to go to the “mole group” We (Symbol Photo) ve ax amr gfh, dpa, Rolf Vennenbernd Sep 17, 2022 at 10:47 am Great excitement about the care of the dear little ones in Berlin. In the capital, daycare has been free […]

Memorial to dead vaccinator Kellermayr in Vienna destroyed by a woman

Hainan bathing island is closing due to the Covid outbreak 80,000 tourists stranded in ‘China’s Hawaii’ Two million dollars in 30 seconds Men rob a jeweler in broad daylight arrest in Brazil German diplomat accused of killing husband Shock at the amusement park Rhineland-Palatinate: woman falls from the roller coaster and dies Protection of the […]

“The blood ran down the street”

Ukraine Talk Doesn’t look good for Ukraine to win Mirror Mirror … Completely naked! Timur Ülker posts fitness update Warning, danger to life! Brave villager catches giant crocodile with rope Nightmare! Man trips – and is crushed in elevator Killer left a diary Notebook public! Explosive details in the Gabby Petito case Attention armed! Monkey […]

Mother locks child in car and goes drinking

RTL>news> 19. June 2022 – 23:40 watch Hard to believe, but true: In Düsseldorf, a mother locked her only three-year-old daughter in the car in the middle of the night so that she could go partying in the old town. The police freed the small child from his predicament, the mother only appeared after a […]

Football coach lured boys with fake identities via WhatsApp

RTL>news> 10. June 2022 – 16:23 watch The allegations against Sven B. (35) weigh heavily: The then youth coach of the third division soccer team SV Wehen Wiesbaden is said to have sexually abused six underage boys. He has been in custody since December 9, and the public prosecutor has filed charges. According to a […]

These are the guests of the show on Tuesday evening

RTL>news> 26. April 2022 – 16:17 watch From Tuesday to Donnerstar, Markus Lanz receives changing guests for talks on his ZDF show. From politics to socially relevant debates to entertainment – “Markus Lanz” covers a wide range of topics in his group. The transmission time varies depending on the current ZDF program, usually starting between […]

Bremen: Man goes to the fair with a knife on the family

RTL>news> 12. April 2022 – 14:48 watch A trip to the Easter fair, which was actually fun, turned into a tragic accident for a family from Bremen on Monday. After getting into a fight with another family on a bumper car, the 35-year-old uncle was stabbed. He came to the hospital. Girls rammed man’s bumper […]

Please step off the gas here!

March 24, 2022 – 12:15 p.m Clock Since 2013, speed offenders have been hunted almost everywhere on Day X. Today is that day. We tell you where and when flashes are used. lawn kills. Still. And again and again. Most of the 2,569 traffic deaths in the past year were due to “inadequate speed”. That’s […]

Cologne: Police carry out large raids on refugee homes

RTL>news> 07. April 2022 – 11:57 Clock In a large-scale raid, the police searched several refugee accommodations in North Rhine-Westphalia on Thursday morning. Hundreds of police officers were on duty, and a total of 18 people were to be arrested. The men are said to have killed a 37-year-old together in March. NRW: Police with […]