Virtuality at the service of tradition

Virtual meetings with the authors; activities for young and old to fill the house with roses and dragons; literary recommendations or shared readings are some of the proposals offered these days by town halls, entities, libraries or museums to celebrate this unpublished Sant Jordi in quarantine. The libraries of the Diputació de Girona, for example, […]

The FCF ends its competitions

The Catalan Football Federation (FCF) announced this Thursday that it has ended the football, indoor football and beach soccer competitions that depend on it, so that the 2019/20 campaign is already over due to the coronavirus. Thus, Catalan soccer women finished the season from the basic categories to the top football Catalan, a Catalan First […]

The Rambla de Girona still has Sant Jordi confined in silence and emptiness

The Rambla de Girona rose this Thursday with a sepulchral silence which has already become commonplace since the beginning of confinement. Usually, this walk is filled with books and roses, while thousands of people walk up and down. This year, however, there is no trace of the books, nor of the roses, much less of […]

the other ephemeris 25 years ago, Valvi avoided relegation by winning in Lugo

? St. George’s Day and Girona basketball have a special relationship. A title for girls and a virtual salvation for boys. In the latter case you need to take a look back in time a little further back. Today, just 25 years ago, Valvi Girona avoided relegation by winning, in an agonizing way, on the […]

A Saint George sold by the calendar

No books or roses or people filling towns and cities, but the calendar continues to mark that it is April 23, St. George’s Day. The strangest day in recent years, without the usual gathering of readers, authors and booksellers on the street, comes with shops closed and online sales as the only possibility to maintain […]

When Fontajau touched the sky

On February 23, 2015, the shock came. It was impossible for the Spar Citylift Girona to maintain the cruising speed it had imposed for months. Sooner or later it would be time to slow down. Beyond the how, the amazing thing was what. Built on a fairly low budget compared to the numbers that have […]

Jordina and the blue-throated gourd

Text: Jaume Prat i Pons | Illustrations: Quim Paredes and Baulida Download the story in pdf format The legend says that the inhabitants of a small town built a high tower that dominated the whole region to prevent the attacks of a fierce beast: a winged dragon, who was said to inhabit the blue throats, […]