valery fernndez The injury has been hard for me and it has helped me grow as a person

? On Tuesday, a player from Girona’s top squad answered fans’ questions via the club’s Instagram account. The one chosen yesterday was Valery Fernández. Although he admits that his confimanet is being “hard”, he explains that he spends his time “reading mystery novels, watching series, playing FIFA or board games with my brothers”. He encouraged […]

Four Dalinian proposals to celebrate Saint George’s Day through the internet

The Dalí Foundation proposes four digital actions to celebrate Sant Jordi. According to a statement, the aim is to “accompany users of all ages” during the day in confinement. The first action is one collective reading of texts written by Salvador Dalí and Gala which can be chosen from their respective youth newspapers, ‘The Secret […]

Michael Robinson denies his death

Michael Robinson became a trending topic this Tuesday night. Alerts were triggered by a tweet giving condolences to the family of the former football player and presenter, mourning his sad death. Twitter was revolutionizing and Robinson himself was tweeting in his own hand, “For all of you who are asking to tell you I’m still […]

Diari de Girona publishes a story of Saint George for the youngest

Jordina and the Blue Gorg Viper is the title of the story he publishes tomorrow Diary of Girona, written specifically for this year’s Saint George’s Day, in full confinement by the coronavirus, by Jaume Prat i Pons and with illustrations by Quim Paredes i Baulida, with the intention that the youngest may access a work […]

Pere Colldecarrera, one of the last great landscape painters in Olot, dies

The artist from Girona, Pere Colldecarrera, died on Monday at the age of 87. Born in Olot in June 1932, Colldecarrera was one of the last great representatives of Olot landscaping, recognized especially for his mountain landscapes, both in the Garrotxa and Ripollès areas, but also in other parts of the region. gironines; a type […]

Cedro advances the distribution of royalties for the epidemic

In the wake of the huge coronavirus pandemic publishing activity, Cedro has stepped up its royalties this year to help writers, translators and publishers of books, newspapers, magazines and sheet music overcome. this situation. In addition, it is preparing a broader contingency plan to support the sector. Cedro’s mission is to represent and defend the […]

One year of black week

With confinement, which lasts longer than a month, people have had to reinvent themselves. Not to be overwhelmed by boredom and thus to break with monotony, many have given it to them through memories. Photographs running through the networks of when they were 20 years old, experiences of so long ago, adventures of that particular […]

U.S. oil is trading for the first time in history

The US $ West Texas Intermediate oil price has lost its value and went into negative numbers on Monday evening. After being negative for the first time in history, US oil has dropped 99% to close to $ 0. It had never set such a low price since the historic series began in 1983. The […]