Erman Özgür: “The players in Trabzonspor have accepted the boss!”

Erman Özgür, one of Trabzonspor’s former football players, evaluated the burgundy blue team’s victory in Göztepe. Erman Özgür, one of the former players of the burgundy blue team, commented on the match in which Trabzonspor defeated Göztepe 1-0 in the 10th week of the Super League. Erman Özgür, who praised Trabzonspor’s coach Abdullah Avcı and […]

No big loss in missing game

For Trabzonspor, the first half of the match was spent trying to open the defense of Alanyaspor, who returned to the factory settings after Bülent Korkmaz’s arrival, had good defense and had the ability to go straight to the goal when he won the ball. There were moments when he piled the game on the […]