UGT requires Labor to pay pending ERTE: “Workers need to collect”

Unai Mezcua Updated:05/21/2020 17:45 save The government needs to act now in favor of the automobile sector, according to the unions. Pedro Leaves, general secretary of FICA, the UGT Industry Federation, on Thursday called for “urgent” support to the sector, both to encourage the demand for cars and to ensure that they continue to invest […]

Elche Handball Club also presents an ERTE

The Elche Handball Club has announced this afternoon, through his official Twitter account, that he has presented a Employment Regulation File (ERTE) what affects “to all club employeesIn this way, the illicit entity joins the numerous clubs that have opted for this formula during the period of the coronavirus health crisis. In Elche this situation […]

The Rayo squad does not train to protest the ERTE

The Rayo Vallecano squad did not train yesterday, upset by the club’s decision to apply a Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) to employees, players and the coaching staff, according to Efe from club sources. Paco Jémez, Rayo Vallecano’s coach and who has criticized the club’s application of ERTE on numerous occasions, sent his players work […]

Dragados presents an ERTE for infrastructure maintenance workers in Madrid | Companies

Dragados has presented an ERTE for the workers of the maintenance service of public roads and infrastructures in Madrid, as reported by the UGT in a statement. Last Wednesday, April 29, the company notified the legal representatives of the workers of the start of a procedure to suspend contracts for productive and organizational causes related […]

Exemption from quotas in ERTE due to force majeure

After “three weeks of intense negotiations” the Government and the social partners signed an agreement last Monday with new social measures in defense of employment. The pact, brought to the legislative field by Royal Decree-Law 18/2020 of May 12, extends until June 30 the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE)By force majeure. In addition, it establishes […]

The new ERTE are already in force: how to go from a total to a partial one | Economy

The Official State Gazette yesterday published the royal decree law that includes the conditions to renew the temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) until June 30. This new regulation came into force yesterday. One of the keys to this rule is the differentiation between ERTE of total or partial force majeure. In the former, all the […]

The dealerships reopen, although two thirds of their staff will remain in ERTE

Phase 1 of the de-escalation due to the coronavirus pandemic will allow car dealerships to open their doors this Monday, the 11th in the territories where Health has allowed it. However, with Madrid, Catalonia, part of the Valencian Community, Andalusia and Castilla y León without being able to operate, approximately a third of the network […]

Madrid’s setback weakens Casado after his terrible week

05/10/2020 05:00 Advanced in The “pollice verse” or “thumb turned” is the gesture with which the Roman emperors spared or not the life of the gladiators, once they verified the opinion of the public present in the circus. Pablo Casado The week began with the vertigo of having the government in his hand and he […]

Michelin proposes an ERTE of four four months for all its plants in Spain

Efe Vitoria Updated:05/07/2020 18: 11h save The multinational Michelin has set up a four-month Temporary Employment Regulation File (ERTE) for the factories of Vitoria, Almería, Aranda de Duero (Burgos) and Valladolid, and also the work centers of the commercial division. The management of the company and the unions have held this Thursday the first meeting […]