MCM Investor Management AG on the new law on broker commission

The ordering principle is yesterday’s news. But brokers can become cheaper in many places in the future. The MCM Investor provides information about the broker’s commission. Magdeburg, May 22, 2020. “The German real estate market is currently trying to find a permanent alternative to the ordering principle. The ordering principle failed due to the coalition […]

Builders are demanding relief on real estate transfer tax

New housing development The amount of the real estate transfer tax makes buying a house significantly more expensive. (Photo: dpa) Berlin The Bauherren-Schutzbund sees the recently agreed division of broker costs for property purchases only as a first step. This is not enough for sustained relief for consumers, the consumer protection association complained on Monday […]

Real estate jewels: Smaller university cities attractive for investors

April 21, 2020, 12:08 Not only metropolises such as Berlin, Munich or Hamburg, but above all also smaller university cities are reporting growing student numbers. Housing in large cities is becoming increasingly expensive and students have to switch to smaller cities. The question that concerns many prospective buyers and investors: Is it worth buying property […]

Where brokers will cost less in the future

Erfurt With the former Minister of Justice Katarina Barley (SPD), the ordering principle for real estate purchases also finally passed last year: The idea that in future only the person who commissioned the broker – and therefore mostly the seller – would not pay with the coalition partner CDU close. On Thursday, the Bundestag is […]

Where real estate prices will go up

7.5.2020 – Owners of apartments can count on substantial increases in value in many regions, especially in the metropolises, in southern Germany and in the northwest. In contrast, there is a risk of losses in eastern Germany. The corona crisis appears to have little impact on the real estate market. This shows a forecast that […]

Where real estate is expensive and where it is cheap

7.4.2020 – The development of the purchase price of used condominiums in German regions is shown in the “Housing Atlas 2020”. The trend: prices rose in 90 percent of counties and cities. The reason given for this is that interest rates are low, while demand is high and supply is scarce. ADVERTISING Concrete gold remains […]

Check24 loses to HUK Coburg in court

Frankfurt The saying is catchy – and comes at prime time. “Check24, Germany’s largest comparison portal – here I check everything,” it says gaudily shortly before the daily news in a TV advertising spot of the comparison portal, which is accompanied by laughers from the canned food. But the insurer HUK Coburg has long since […]

Price study: With new buildings, things go even higher

February 24, 2020, 10:15 a.m. The demand for purchase real estate continues to be high. Immoscout24 has again carried out a survey of new building purchase prices for the German metropolises – for the first time also for Leipzig, Dresden and Bremen. In addition to the price developments for new-build condominiums, the “new-build purchase maps” […]

Survey: Few don’t expect long-term problems

April 17, 2020 – In a survey by KSV1870, two thirds of around 1,100 companies speak of the strong or very strong effects of the corona crisis on their economic situation. The proportion of those who rate their business situation as good or very good has halved within a few weeks. In every second company, […]

What Corona costs insurers

Frankfurt In February, Allianz CFO Giulio Terzariol was relatively carefree. Europe’s largest insurer is currently not afraid of high burdens as a result of the spread of the corona virus, the top manager at the time at the annual press conference in Munich confidently stated as a motto. The insurance of companies against business interruptions […]