OpenAI boss Altman calls for strict AI regulation – but politicians are hesitant

OpenAI-CEO Sam Altman Altman and other AI entrepreneurs want strict laws. Critics see behind it a strategy against smaller competitors. (Foto: Bloomberg) Berlin, Brussels At the beginning of the week it was time again. The boss of the company OpenAI, Sam Altman, turned to politicians with a new proposal to rein in his technology. The company […]

hospitals prepare for return of unvaccinated caregivers

The rules of the game concerning the reintegration of unvaccinated caregivers were set by the government on May 2. As of Monday, May 15, these professionals will be reinstated in a post ” equivalent ” to the one they were forced to leave more than a year ago, since the establishment of the law of […]

The Importance of Finding Meaningful Work: Beyond Gimmicks and Recruitment Buzzwords

Edward Bernays, considered the founder of public relations, revolutionized the nature of communication at the beginning of the 20th century. For this he considered that the product and its practical features were less important than what the imagination put into it. He therefore created imaginaries “in” products such as change, freedom, progress, creativity, etc. He […]

OpenAI removes customer data usage to protect privacy

“Clearly our customers don’t want us to train our model on their data, so we changed our plans”, said Sam Altman, Friday, May 5, to the American television channel CNBC. The CEO of OpenAI, the California-based start-up that develops the famous ChatGPT virtual chatbot, has announced that this important change has in fact taken place […]

pollen allergies, a silent epidemic

Itchy eyes, itchy nose, itchy throat. Every year, spring begins the same way for Olivia: with a severe hay fever and bursts of sneezes that make her friends laugh – she, much less. “At first it was only when I was spending a weekend in the countryside, then it started to take me to town. […]

“Exploring the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence in Education: Insights from [email protected] of Europe”

Students, researchers and teachers, like most Europeans, use technological tools and digital media on a daily basis. Avoiding the use of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles and other technologies has become almost impossible, whether for educational, professional or entertainment purposes. Last November, the Council of Europe published a study entitled Artificial Intelligence and Education, […]

Fuerza Popular asks Ethics to act ex officio in the case of María Cordero

The Fuerza Popular bench asked the Ethics Commission of Congress to act ex officio in the case of legislator María Cordero Jon Tay, a member of the parliamentary group, for the alleged irregular charges to their workers. Through a statement, the parliamentary group also asked the commission chaired by the congresswoman Karol Paredes (Popular Action) […]

How many complaints were approved and filed with the Ethics Commission?

Eleven complaints were approved by the working group out of a total of 117, another 91 were archived Since the current Congress of the Republic was installed, the Parliamentary Ethics Commission evaluated 117 complaints against congressmen, of which 91 were filed and 11 ended with a recommendation for sanction. The rest are in the process […]

Jorge Flores proposes that the Ethics Commission cannot sanction cases that are being investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office

Congressman Jorge Flores (Popular Action), presented a bill that proposes that the Parliamentary Ethics Commission cannot sanction cases that are the subject of investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office. Through the modification of article 9 of the Code of Parliamentary Ethics, the legislative initiative seeks to declare inadmissible the cases that are under investigation by the […]