What the Italian government can do

Some of the Italian ideas of solidarity could lead to questionable consequences. The photo shows a cleaner walking past the Colosseum in Rome. Picture: dpa The Italian government wants the large redistribution of money in Europe. However, it would be more credible if it had a long-term reform plan for “Italy 2030”. I.talia demands a […]

Corona: Italian State Secretary on Eurobonds

State Secretary Buffagni, which institution do you think should issue Eurobonds? Tobias Piller Business correspondent for Italy and Greece based in Rome. That is not so important. If we want a Europe that is always united, the most suitable institution in my view is the European Commission, with the support of the European Investment Bank. […]

Before the EU summit: Merkel rejects Eurobonds

WA few days before the EU summit on aid for the corona pandemic, Chancellor Angela Merkel once again rejected Eurobonds. The common bonds are the wrong way, said Merkel on Monday in the CDU Presidium, according to participants. Accordingly, the Chancellor also called for the retroactive effect on the EU debate to be taken into […]

Who pays how much and who benefits how

Standstill also in Rome Picture: EPA Calculations show how much money would be redistributed with corona bonds – and why French people might pay more. Italy could not benefit as much as many politicians believe. Nevertheless, great incentives remained for Rome. WLittle has yet been investigated as to what concrete Eurobonds – or whatever common […]

Conte launches an order to the EU in the battle for Eurobonds

Updated:04/13/2020 02:20 save Related news Italy will not forget this Easter, due to the tragedy it is experiencing and the challenge and threat that the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, has launched Europe, gambling everything for everything. Conte promised in a speech to Italians on television that will not sign the agreement at the European Council […]

Italy is dissatisfied with the Brussels compromise

I.Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte does not want to be satisfied with the results so far of the European conferences on additional sources of finance for the member states. Conte further threatens not to sign a common document unless there is talk of introducing common Eurobonds. “I am not signing until there is a bunch of […]