Champions: Government mandatory quarantine threatens the Champions League | Champions League 2019

FRANCISCO CABEZAS Barcelona Tuesday, 12 may 2020 – 23:16 The confinement to which travelers entering Spain will have to submit, in addition to border restrictions in other countries, make it difficult to conclude European tournaments. Exceptions may apply for athletes Manchester City’s stadium, the Etihad Stadium, in a Champions League match.PETER POWELLEFE Brussels.Reception of the […]

The EU seeks a minimum agreement to negotiate the reconstruction fund

How much money should the future contain Economic Recovery Fund of the EU ?, how to distribute it among the countries affected by the covid19 ?, through loans or grants? Between which sectors and countries ?. These are some of the questions that still do not have an answer and will probably not be answered […]

The Eurobonds battle: solidarity and fiscal rigor

It is difficult to draw analogies with the European Union.It doesn’t work like a government, nor like the rest of international organizations. Its treatises, practices and mechanisms have been outlined in a very concrete way, so that often, from the outside, the procedures and results are interpreted completely opposite to how it is done from […]

The IMF quarantines its spring meeting for the coronavirus and the ECB sends employees home

The spread of Covid-19 coronavirus threatens to upset the plans of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) to hold their traditional spring meetings in Washington, scheduled for mid-April, when the IMF will announce theirnew economic perspectives,that “probably” include a reduction in global growth forecasts. “We have not yet decided on the […]

How wildlife and humans cohabit in the coldest place in Greece | Science

One of the white wolves of the sanctum of Arcturos. In the video, a brief tour of the trip with images of the animals of the region. Odysseas Chloridis (Arcturos) | A.C. and Carlos Javier Martinez (EL PAIS) The trip to the west from Thessaloniki (Greece), is made by a road surrounded by a landscape […]

The trap of the band of the four “frugal” of the EU

The Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden, the toughest trading partners, are among the most benefited by the single market “It is not a zero-sum game in which to win some they have to lose others,” European diplomatic sources say about the tough battle that the EU is facing between net taxpayers – those who contribute […]