Belgium has the highest subsidies per inhabitant for fossil bra …

Belgium has the highest per capita subsidies for fossil fuels in Europe. This is evident from a study by Trends. According to the weekly, all the European Commission’s green and sustainable ambitions are likely to become a measure of nothing if it does not tackle subsidies for fossil fuels in Europe. However, Member States have […]

The European Parliament does not interfere in the affairs of the Czech Republic, he wrote to Sassol Babiš. He also condemned threats to deputies – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to a non-binding resolution approved by the European Parliament in mid-June, the Czech prime minister questions the independent performance of his function, as he participates in decisions on money from the European Union budget and also controls the Agrofert holding. Babiš has long rejected this claim, arguing that Agrofert has invested in trust funds […]

Photonics: a new chip industry is born

You cannot get a nicer compliment as an entrepreneur: the Dutch government invests 20 million euros in your company, to prevent foreign investors from stealing it. That happened to Smart Photonics, a young Eindhoven tech company that builds photonic chips. These are semiconductors that produce and process laser light on an extremely small scale. It […]

A fourth international conference to deal with the food emergency in Syria

After ten years of war, hunger is threatening the Syrians. The report is dramatic, when an international aid conference for Syria opened. Nine million people go hungry, that’s 40% more in a year, and the number continues to rise. Josep Borrel, Head of Syrian Diplomacy: “An entire generation of Syrian children has known nothing but […]

MEPs pressure EU to assess incidents at Almaraz nuclear power plant | Nuclear

Two events that have taken place in recent weeks in the two reactors at the Spanish Nuclear Power Plant in Almaraz, a hundred kilometers from Portugal, are raising concerns among those who, in both countries, question the extension of the life of these facilities until 2028. The Greens called for the Environment Minister’s urgent hearing […]

14 countries are allowed in again

DThe EU member states agreed on a first list with third countries on Tuesday, from which entry into the EU should be possible again from July 1st. As the FAZ reported on Sunday, there are 14 larger countries. China should only be permitted if, conversely, it allows entry from all EU countries. Member States can […]

The EU will open its external borders to fifteen states. The Czechia cut the list to eight – ČT24 – Czech Television

“In recent days, several lists have been circulating in Brussels, the representatives of the individual countries could not agree,” said Lukáš Dolanský, the Czech Television’s correspondent in Brussels. Finally, the following fourteen will be on the list of allowed countries: Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Morocco, Japan, Montenegro, Rwanda, Serbia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, […]