How France wants to spend the money from Europe

Dhe European reconstruction plan has not yet been approved, some countries in the European Union oppose it. France, the EU’s second largest economy after Germany, is already working on the corresponding expenditure at home. As the French finance and economics minister Bruno Le Maire made clear in a hearing before the parliamentary commission for financial […]

Corona: Italian State Secretary on Eurobonds

State Secretary Buffagni, which institution do you think should issue Eurobonds? Tobias Piller Business correspondent for Italy and Greece based in Rome. That is not so important. If we want a Europe that is always united, the most suitable institution in my view is the European Commission, with the support of the European Investment Bank. […]

EU Council President Charles Michel praises Corona aid

EU Council President Charles Michel is certain that the international community will survive the corona crisis. Image: Reuters The EU Council President said the EU had achieved remarkable results in a few weeks in the Corona crisis. He does not rule out corona bonds. You have to be “creative, constructive and innovative”. Is the EU […]

Italy is dissatisfied with the Brussels compromise

I.Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte does not want to be satisfied with the results so far of the European conferences on additional sources of finance for the member states. Conte further threatens not to sign a common document unless there is talk of introducing common Eurobonds. “I am not signing until there is a bunch of […]

How floating wind turbines should generate electricity from storms

eIt was not long ago that the idea was at best a dream of the future: huge and huge wind turbines that swim far off the coast in the middle of the sea instead of standing on a rigidly anchored foundation. Even for visionary professionals, the idea was considered difficult to implement. Today, however, development […]

Energy revolution: laser technology for novel fusion power plants

Researcher: Markus Roth on the world’s largest laser – “Phelix” in Darmstadt Picture: Marcus Kaufhold A group of top-class researchers is working on the “energy revolution”. Markus Roth, a Star Trek fan, belongs to her. The billion dollar project is now intended to attract large corporations. Wwill we be able to beam from one place […]

EU bank supports climate projects for EUR 4.9 billion

climate Protection The EIB’s support works, for example, through discounted loans or guarantees for investment risks. (Photo: AP) Luxembourg Climate-friendly investments for 4.9 billion euros receive support from the European Investment Bank. As the EU bank announced on Wednesday, it alone approved 1.7 billion euros in investments in energy saving measures in industry and other […]

Save the climate and earn money

FPeople used to like chatting about the weather, but today everyone is talking only about the climate: the students on the street, the managers and politicians at the Davos World Economic Forum, the EU Commission and the European Central Bank, their new president Christine Lagarde about one thinking about green monetary policy. Last Wednesday, the […]