Euskadi is the second most benefited community of the state rescue fund for SMEs

Exterior of the Gran Hotel Durango, of the Silken chain. 15 companies, including Batz and Silken Hotels, have received financing amounting to 129 million euros The Basque Country is, behind Catalonia, the second community that has benefited the most from the state fund aimed at rescuing solvent medium-sized companies affected by the pandemic. Specifically, 15 […]

Blood donations in the Basque Country already exceed pre-pandemic levels

Donations recover the rhythm of 2019. / JUANTXO LUSA HEALTH Gipuzkoa is the territory with the worst balance since it closed 2021 with 27,999 contributions, below the 30,800 of 2019 The volume of donated blood in the Basque Country has recovered and has even exceeded pre-pandemic levels. After the drop suffered in 2020 (1.63% less […]

The Basque Country supports the elimination of the June recovery exams

Pilar Alegría. / efe The Basque Government will abolish the extraordinary tests in ESO this course if the regulations come into force “in time” to adapt the programs June’s extraordinary exams will disappear in Secondary. The Basque Government has given its support to the decree finalized by the Ministry of Education to suppress the recoveries […]