This is how your case progresses after it was denied

Laverde asked himself that question in the most recent report he made on the subject, which was issued this Monday on Noticias Caracol. In it, the reporter made it clear that there are certain contradictions in the decision made by the scientific committee of IPS Incodol, denying Mrs. Martha Sepúlveda the euthanasia that had already […]

Euthanasia in Colombia: what you need to know – Health

The euthanasia It is an issue that generates controversy and as a result of the situation arising from the cancellation of this procedure to the patient Martha Sepúlveda, who suffers from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), there are questions that are once again on the table. (Of your interest: Court ruling on euthanasia does not yet […]

Alpaca Gerónimo was unable to evade euthanasia in the UK despite protests | WORLD

Updated on 09/04/2021 02:22 am A alpaca Eight-year-old named Gerónimo, who was at the center of a legal dispute with the British government and whose plight sparked a national campaign to keep her alive, has been euthanized after testing positive for bovine tuberculosis twice. A video shows veterinary personnel in blue coveralls, masks and goggles, […]

Constitutional Court allows euthanasia for non-terminally ill patients

The ruling specifies that it will not be necessary to prove to doctors that you have a terminal illness to access what it calls “mercy killing.” The magistrates considered that it was necessary to expand the requirements because there is no clear regulation and that imposes legal barriers to those who want to access the […]

what to expect for pet owners – UNIAN

The law introduces a number of restrictions on the treatment of animals in Ukraine, in particular, it prohibits leaving dogs unattended near shops or fattening birds for foie gras. The new law prohibits leaving animals alone in a closed car at an air temperature of more than + 20 ° C / photo from UNIAN, […]

Minsalud Resolution on the right to euthanasia in Colombia – Health

In compliance with the order of the Constitutional Court to regulate and enforce the right to euthanasia In Colombian territory, the Ministry of Health issued the resolution that establishes the rules of the game for the use of this medical procedure, which continues to generate strong controversies throughout the world. (It may interest you: The […]

what are the requirements and application procedure

The Ministry of Health presented the resolution “by means of which the procedure for receiving, processing and reporting euthanasia requests is established, as well as the guidelines for the organization and operation of the Committee to make the Right to Die with Dignity Effective. through Euthanasia ”. Signed by Minister Fernando Ruiz, the document applies […]

Euthanasia. Jean Leonetti castigates “a law which deliberately results in death”

The mayor of Antibes Jean Leonetti, co-author of the last two laws on the end of life, criticized the proposal submitted Thursday April 8 to Parliament to create a right to euthanasia, a “Major transgression” which would deserve, according to him, the holding of general states. “The proposed law is a law that deliberately results […]

Françoise Hardy and Line Renaud in favor of euthanasia

The two singers take a stand while a bill on the end of life is being studied in the National Assembly. «When someone comes to have unbearable suffering and is incurable, it is inhumane not to shorten their suffering“Francoise Hardy told franceinfo. The singer takes a stand as the controversial bill to legalize euthanasia is […]