Violence against children: Undetected pandemic

There are alarming numbers that were presented in Berlin on Monday: Attacks against children have increased, especially on the Internet. There is a large number of unsolved cases of violence against children Photo: Nicolas Armer / dpa BERLIN taz | Violence against children is the size of a pandemic, but is not being tackled so […]

Dealing with children in the corona crisis: ask the little ones!

Many parents want to give up their annoying snot noses quickly. But do the children miss the daycare at all? It doesn’t always have to be the daycare Photo: Lee Smith / reuters All corona measures are intended from an adult perspective. This has recently been pointed out by the umbrella association of pediatric and […]

In corona times we lack conversations, but they are not easy

Munich These days you long for the old life and still only have the new one. You rave about the long conversations in the restaurant and speak the monologue of everyday life. You dream of freedom and have a curfew. What is going on around us is an involuntary social and human experiment for an […]

15-year-old stabbed in Celle: hasty approach

In Celle, a 15-year-old with Yazidi roots is killed by a German. After a short time, the police assume an apolitical act. The crime scene: bus stop in Bahnhofstrasse in Celle Photo: Ole Spata / dpa On Tuesday evening, a 15-year-old boy with Yazidi roots was killed by a 29-year-old German in the city of […]

Ways out of the Thuringian crisis: escalate the conflict in the East!

Ways out of the Thuringian crisis The right development in the East can only be stopped by one thing: strengthening the young. Even if that is at the expense of the elderly. Youth in the East when there was still the East: Dorfgasthaus in Brandenburg, 1984 Photo: Harald Hauswald / Ostkreuz If everything went well […]

Swiss homophobia referendum: right-wing populists rejected –

Swiss homophobia referendum In an encouraging vote, Swiss people demand that homophobic statements be punished. The Basic Law has some catching up to do. Signs of hope from Switzerland: homophobia will soon be punishable there Photo: Jiroe / Unsplash What is noteworthy about the Swiss vote for a future ban on homophobic statements is less […]

FDP in Thuringia: What a theater

FDP in Thuringia Thomas Kemmerich’s election as Prime Minister of Thuringia is controversial. What does the FDP base say? Visiting the local group in Ilmenau. The FDP local group in Ilmenau thinks Kemmerich should stay Photo: picture alliance / dpa ILMENAU taz | It is Thursday, 7 p.m., a few hours ago, the newly elected […]

Tension videos at Fusion Festival: (K) a place for sexualized violence

Tension videos at Fusion Festival The fusion is said to have been filmed secretly in showers. It is the second known case of a left festival. How can there be protection? The merger was supposed to be a place without violence Photo: dpa Once a year, a parallel company is to be created for four […]