‘100 million Maserati’ driver, how did he move into public rental housing?

The interior of a modular house used in the Seoul city’s public rental housing supply project for beginners in society. Provided by Korea Institute of Construction Technology It was found that the driver who owned the’Maserati’ (Gibli), an expensive car worth about 100 million won, lived in the’Happy House’, a public rental housing in Seoul. […]

Oil at a balance price sinks the economy of large producers | Markets

The historical bite of the Covid-19 at the price of oil, until it was quoted negatively, has claimed more victims than the companies in the sector. The countries that pump the most oil have seen how the coronavirus has paralyzed economic activity, displacements in dozens of countries that have decreed confinement and, ultimately, the demand […]

Fines for speeding during confinement increase by 39%

YE. Madrid Updated:05/08/2020 13: 48h save Related news The roadside checks continue. Although the measures announced by the Government to begin those phases of de-escalation that will no longer severely limit our mobility, it is still not allowed to take the car to move to second homes, or to go to natural places to walk […]

Munich Re has to pay 800 million for corona damage

Dhe Corona crisis has led to a slump in profits at Munich Re. The surplus fell in the first quarter by two thirds to 221 million euros, as the world’s largest reinsurer announced on Thursday. Abandonment of events in particular would have caused corona-related damage of 800 million euros. Overall, major losses burdened the balance […]

This is what excess screens and blue light do to your body

If we normally use our mobile phones and we are in front of a computer for many more hours than we should, since the confinement derived from the coronavirus crisis These moments have increased exponentially: there are those who, from the moment they open their eyes to the time they go to sleep, do not […]

Crude storm: Brent also plummets and falls 25% | Markets

The storm in the oil market does not stop, after West Texas Intermediate (WTI) marked negative prices for the first time in history yesterday. The future of the May WTI, benchmark for oil traded in the United States, reached yesterday at $ 40.3 below zero, a level caused by excess supply and the lack of […]