A soccer club apologizes for placing sex dolls in the stands | Global World Blog

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the South Korean soccer league, as in many other countries, to play its games behind closed doors. The empty stands are devastating, and that is why some club has resorted to placing cardboard fans to fill the stadiums. But others have pushed the idea too far. FC Seoul, in the […]

The biggest and brightest moon will be seen this week – Telemundo 52

A supermoon, presumably the biggest and brightest of the year, it will light up the nights this week. Not only the Moon will be closer to the Earth than normal, but it will also be the Moon full. Scientists call this cosmic phenomenon a supermoon. The Moon will be 221,855 miles away at its best […]

California to apologize for the internment of Japanese Americans – NBC Los Angeles

American Les Ouchida was born just outside the capital of California, but his citizenship was not much after Japan’s Pearl Harbor and the US broke into war. Based on his single Japanese ancestry, the 5-year-old and his family were taken from their home in 1942 and imprisoned in Arkansas. They were among 120,000 Japanese Americans […]

The triumph of fiscal hypocrisy in the United States | Economy

Donald Trump’s campaign for reelection will focus on the fact that he has done great things for the economy. And let’s be honest: the American economy is going well today. The growth of GDP and employment has been good, although not spectacular; The unemployment rate is close to the historical minimum. But some shadows are […]