Salzburg Culture Days celebrate their 50th anniversary

The Salzburg Cultural Association celebrates a triple anniversary in 2022. The cultural association was founded 75 years ago, and the orchestra has had its estimated radius of action for 60 years. The Culture Days have been taking place in October for 50 years. For the anniversary, the Salzburg Cultural Association is once again setting an […]

Society: Right in the middle of Hamburg: exhibition about accessibility – politics

The Dialog Lab, a new laboratory in the Dialoghaus for accessibility, starts on January 22 with the exhibition series “In the middle”. Foto: Christian Charisius/dpa What do people with disabilities need in their everyday lives? There are answers in an exhibition in Hamburg. Visitors should playfully change perspective. Hamburg – How are paraplegics, people with […]

a few counters, all in compliance with the checks

After two years Modena was able to savor the taste of the Sant’Antonio fair with its stalls in the historic center. A taste that turned out to be bittersweet, however, as it was legitimate to expect given the difficult times associated with the contagion. A “diluted” fair and much reduced compared to what we were […]

Working with 2H | Brandenburg State Center for Civic Education

January starts with us with inquiries, planning, consultation and concepts. Some order the books for the whole year this month. Many partners, independent sponsors, but also people from next door are looking for a particularly intensive conversation, especially in these times. The conversation often begins with the sentence: “I can be quite frank with you…” […]

A cultural bridge to the arts

Art is active in the metropolis of Guadalajara and with the cultural reactivation that the city has had after several months in recess in the midst of the pandemic, galleries and independent spaces are underway to develop new projects and exhibitions that will show that the Pearl of Guadalajara is positions itself as one of […]

IMSS Tlaxcala recommends actions to reduce breast cancer risks

Dr. Alfredo Ahuatzi Galván, leader of the supervision team of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) in Tlaxcala, gives simple recommendations to women on prevention to combat breast cancer. Breast cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells form in the tissues of the breast. “The breast is made up of lobes and […]

BilderbuchKino in the Bremen City Library – Lesum

BilderbuchKino in the Bremen City Library – Lesum “Dr. Hum is stuck “ A picture book cinema with reading and storytelling for children from 4 years. – Dr. Brumm’s desire for honey puts him in a tricky situation. The goldfish and the glass are stuck on his head. How does he get rid of the […]