Dam gates will open on March 12; Producers expect a better agricultural cycle

This coming Sunday, March 12, the gates of the dams open, thus starting the agricultural cycle in the Laguna region. Pedro Fernández López, president of the Torreón Agricultural and Livestock Chamber, considered that the outlook is better than last year in terms of pricesas fertilizers have dropped but other inputs, such as diesel, have remained […]

Witness…a “specialist” expects moderate earthquakes in the Kingdom…and identifies the areas prone to earthquakes

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The supervisor of the Center for Seismic Studies at King Saud University, Dr. Abdullah Al-Omari, revealed that the Kingdom is prone to moderate earthquakes. He said during statements to Al-Ikhbariya channel: “The northwestern and southwestern regions of the Kingdom are subject to moderate earthquakes, noting that the highest earthquake recorded in the Gulf […]

What to expect from the dollar by the end of the year

After the resignation of the now former Minister of Economy Martin Guzman and the designation of Silvina Batakis As its replacement, the markets reacted and the blue dollar was quoted at $280 in the city of Buenos Aires, ending the day at around $260. However, today is a holiday in the United States and tomorrow […]

«I am a lone wolf and I know how to wait, I will not stop until you pay in blood»

Enrique Riestra A man faces 18 months in prison for insulting and threatening the mayor of Llanes, whom he wished to “see soon at the funeral home” Throughout 2020 and 2021, he used social networks to “continually insult and threaten” the mayor of Llanes, Enrique Riestra (Neighbors for Llanes), whom he came to wish for […]

A new study predicts a sudden start to the end of the universe… These are its details

Scientists predict that the universe could begin to shrink “significantly” once “dark energy” weakens, but this won’t happen for at least 65 million years. According to the “Daily Mail”, a new study indicated that the beginning of the end of the universe could come “remarkably” soon, when the expansion of the 13.8 billion-year-old universe suddenly […]