Rich Tricks, This Woman Recorded Intimate Scenes with Influential Figures for Blackmail

loading… Archana Nag, an Indian woman who was arrested by police for blackmailing influential figures with their intimate video footage. Photo/NDTV GARDEN – Archana Nag, a woman from Kalahandi, Odisha, India was arrested by the police on charges of extorting influential figures. He has have sex with influential figures in the country and record it. […]

Kakorlantas Firmly Bans Extortion in Samsat: People Don’t Also Give Bribes

Jakarta – The case of illegal levies (extortion) that befell the comic Soleh Solihun while taking care of the STNK extension at the South Jakarta Samsat was in the spotlight. The National Police Chief of Traffic, Inspector General Firman Shantyabudi, emphasized that extortion is not allowed in the Samsat service. “Extortion is no longer allowed,” […]

Beware of extortion! This is how you can act against a case | THE UNIVERSAL

According to Gaula Bolívar, the most frequent forms of extortion in Cartagena are through telephone calls from prisons (prison extortion), cyber-extortion and sextortion. Read here: Extortion cases rise in Cartagena this 2022 “The COVID-19 pandemic crisis allowed technologies to grow rapidly. Currently a person spends nine hours a day connected to a cell phone, whether […]

When Students Make Graduation a Moment to Send Messages ‘Unsrat Rises Extortion’

Manado – Graduation moments are usually celebrated with group photos or thanksgiving with friends and family. However, a graduate of Sam Ratulangi University (Unsrat) Manado, North Sulawesi (Sulut) made his graduation moment to send a message that Unsrat is rife with illegal levies or extortion. The identity of the graduate is not yet known. But […]

He faces a process for extortion in San Francisco del Oro – El Sol de Parral

The evidence and incriminating elements exposed by the Agency of the Public Ministry of the Southern District Prosecutor’s Office were sufficient for a Judge of the Hidalgo Judicial District to issue an order linking the process against Víctor CG, probably responsible for the crime of extortion. From this moment I want to receive the news […]

The Latest Testimony About the Unexpected Ujang Bachelor’s Figure

Jakarta – The actions of two traders at Bogor Market named Rahman (20) and his older sister, Kurniali (23) who complained hysterically directly to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) about Ujang Bachelor were in the spotlight. Ujang Bachelor is said to have been arrested by the police for resisting illegal levies (extortion) at the Bogor Market. […]