Far-right groups try to lead protests against restrictions in Germany

BY JUAN CARLOS BARRENA The Federal Agency for the Defense of the Constitution (BfV) and the Federal Office of Criminal Investigation (BKA) have raised alarms and warned that neo-Nazi and far-right groups try to lead and are dangerously instrumentalizing protests against restrictions on the coronavirus epidemic, in which they try to influence the recruitment of […]

Extremoduro postpones his tour | The mail

Extremoduro has endured until the end but the dates were upon us and it had to take the most painful decision: the cancellation of his tour parting, which would have happened Kobetamendi, in Bilbao, on July 18. It had as its first date May 15 in Valencia and the four concerts in the Miguel Ríos […]

Extremoduro postpones its farewell tour until autumn

EP Updated:05/08/2020 14: 11h save Related news Extremoduro announces this Friday the postponement of its farewell tour, which had to start with two concerts in Valencia on May 15 and 16. “We have been waiting until the last moment hoping that the discovery of some new treatment would solve this serious health crisis and allow […]

Reshetova and Shishkova doomed Simon to the same old age. Timati, save the mother!

The grouchy mother-in-law seems to have brought her daughters-in-law to extreme measures. At the age of 60, Simon Yunusova, the mother of rapper Timati, enjoys the fame of an experienced family woman raising her grandchildren from her two marriages, but this is only a beautiful picture that Simona has been clinging to her audience for […]

Detected the largest stellar collision in the universe | Science

On April 25, one of the most precise scientific instruments that has ever been built detected a minute deformation of space-time. The two beams of laser light from the LIGO detector in the United States moved less than a thousandth the size of a proton. After months of analysis, those responsible for the experiment have […]

Circle of influence: a tool to reduce our worries | Happiness Lab Blog

The coronavirus has awakened a tsunami of concern. We are concerned about how it can affect us or our loved ones; we are shocked to read the death toll and we don’t know when this nightmare will end. We live in a world of present and future concerns. But there is an alternative. We have […]

Politically exploit immigration | Migrated Blog

It is nothing new. In 1882, the United States Congress approved the Chinese Exclusion Law (in force until 1943), which prohibited the arrival of immigrants from that country and was preceded, in a context of economic recession, by a campaign of hatred and persecution that ended with the life of an undetermined number of those […]