Dow Jones-Mover: DOW, Exxon, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Goldman Sachs, Caterpillar, UnitedHealth, Verizon, JP Morgan Chase, Home Depot und Cisco

02.07.2020 SK last day L&S- indication DOW 2OY 35.99   (01.07.) 37.32/ 37.40 3.79% 15:59:12 Exxon ROOM 39.07   (01.07.) 39.84/ 39.84 1.98% 15:59:04 Goldman Sachs GOS 176.32   (01.07.) 179.68/ 179.78 1.93% 15:58:23 Caterpillar CAT1 113.22   (01.07.) 115.36/ 115.46 1.93% 15:59:04 UnitedHealth UNH 263.00   (01.07.) 267.70/ 268.20 1.88% 15:59:04 Cisco CIS 41.02   (30.06.) 40.86/ 40.88 -0.37% 15:58:23 […]

Still Led Foreign, This 10 Producers of Oil and gas Giant RI

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia- The unit of Work Implementing Specific Business Activities Upstream Oil and Gas (SKK Migas) lowered the target production and lifting of oil and gas RI this year due to the pandemic. The BUDGET Target by 2020, lifting can be reached 755 thousand barrels per day. However, SKK Migas proposes the target be […]

Dow Jones in the minus – tensions between USA and China

A man with mouth-nose protection on Wall Street The US markets got off to a subdued start on Friday. (Photo: Reuters) New York, Frankfurt The US stock markets eased slightly on Friday. Investors fear that tensions between Washington and Beijing will escalate. However, speculation on further stimulus measures supported the prices. The Dow Jones index […]

Deutsche Bank suffers severe setback

Frankfurt For many investment bankers, government contracts are a civil obligation and a knighthood at the same time. Nicolo Salsano, investment bank board member of the German HSBC, describes the self-image of the industry as follows: “Banks are the essential partner of the debt agencies of the states.” How smoothly the raising of new capital […]

Hope for vaccine is fueling Wall Street

New York, Dusseldorf The prospect of further cash injections by the US Federal Reserve is attracting investors to the US stock markets. Wall Street received additional tailwind from encouraging test results from a possible coronavirus vaccine. The US standard value index Dow Jones closed on Monday by 3.9 percent to 24,597 points. The technology-heavy Nasdaq […]

Urgewald attacks Deutsche Bank because of its environmental sins

The Abbot Point coal terminal From here, coal from the controversial Carmichel coal mine of the Indian group Adani is to be shipped. Deutsche Bank has placed a bond for Adani. It justifies itself that the proceeds from it may not be used for the coal mine in Australia. (Photo: DAVID MAURICE SMITH / The […]

Why sustainability becomes even more important in Corona times

Wind farm at the edge of the forest Investors are demanding better carbon footprints from companies, but better social standards and good corporate governance. (Photo: Frankfurt Siemens CEO Joe Kaeser was the first to feel the new, sustainable investment policy of the world’s largest investor Blackrock. After Blackrock boss Larry Fink wrote in a […]

What private investors should know about oil stocks

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt Millions of cars are standing still, air traffic has almost come to a standstill and consumption in many countries is massively restricted. This poses an unprecedented problem for the oil industry: global demand for the world’s most important energy source is falling dramatically. The International Energy Agency (IEA) is already anticipating a record […]

US stock exchanges hardly change – Gilead Sciences weighed down

Dusseldorf The US stock exchanges closed little changed on Thursday. Relief from US economic data initially supported Wall Street. A media report on disappointing test results with the remdesivir agent for the possible treatment of Covid-19 then depressed the mood in late trade. The standard value index Dow Jones closed 0.2 percent higher at 23,515 […]

Wall Street on the upswing after oil price collapse

Dusseldorf After the turmoil of the past few days, Wall Street is breathing a little more. The prospect of further stimulus measures on Wednesday lured investors back into the US stock market. The standard value index Dow Jones closed two percent higher at 23,475 points. The technology-heavy Nasdaq advanced 2.8 percent to 8495 points. The […]