Deutsche Bahn does not offer an unlimited ticket

“DB offers the possibility to buy an unlimited travel card for only €1.95,” reads one post on Facebook. In the photo, someone is holding up a black Bahncard 100, with which you can use the trains as often as you like. Below the posts is a button that says “Apply Now”. Clicking on the link […]

Facebook report about kidnapping of five-year-old girl is fabricated

An alleged kidnapping case makes some users on Facebook skeptical. A five-year-old had been kidnapped, according to several posts in February. Sometimes the alleged crime scene was in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Baden-Württemberg), sometimes in Zweibrücken (Rhineland-Palatinate) or in Rottweil (Baden-Württemberg). A link should lead to an alleged video from surveillance cameras. But the link asks for personal […]

FACT CHECK: Ferdy Sambo Sentenced to Death! Really?

Rewrite this content Narratives circulated stating that Ferdy Sambo was officially sentenced to death. Ferdy Sambo himself is the defendant in the murder of Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat alias Brigadier J. This news was shared by a YouTube account called “Warta Informasi”. The account shared a video related to the death sentence handed down to Ferdy […]

Sinjai Health Office Calls Hoaxes an Obstacle to Successful Child Immunization, Jakarta – The Head of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) of the Sinjai District Health Office, South Sulwesi, Akhriani said that false information or hoaxes were one of the obstacles for his party to make immunizations for children successful. Therefore, the Sinjai Health Office continues to socialize and educate against hoaxes in order to […]

Is the viral picture of Babia the crocodile? What is the truth?

There is a widely circulated picture of Babiya, a crocodile in the Kasarakote Ananthapuram temple pool. It is a picture of a person bowing with a crocodile on his forehead. After the news of Babiya’s death, many people posted this picture on social media. Some national media have also given the same picture along with […]

Fact Check: Chain Message Hoax Registration of PKH Social Assistance Recipients Phase 3

Fact Check searched and found that the chain message was a hoax. Fact Check once wrote about it in an article entitled “Fact Check: Hoax Chain Messages for Registration of PKH Social Assistance Recipients Phase 2” which aired on June 22, 2022. Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos), The site contains information that […]