The show business returns to the NBA | Basketball 123

Iván Holguín López / @ivan_basketball The NBA is one of the sports that more fans calls globally, among these the world of American celebrity He is a very frequent customer on the pitches of the best league in the world. However, the COVID-19 pandemic had kept American celebrities away from the NBA courts, something that […]

Milena López confessed her complex as a television presenter

27 Jul 2021 – 9:02 p. m. The manizaleña remembered for presenting Very good days, Together with Jota Mario and Laura Acuña, she revealed little-known details of her life, including the complex she had as a television presenter that tormented her in her first appearances. A few years ago, the presenter moved away from television and […]

Meghan Markle’s father wants to go to court so he can see his grandchildren

United States.- Thomas Markle, who is the father of Meghan Markle, indicates that he wants to meet his grandchildren, this after a time of being quiet, because it seemed that he would no longer say anything and that he would accept what his daughter decided. Related news The actress’s father threatened to go to court […]

From actor to governor in Mexico? | Sun

The businessman said that the Mexican political party Movimiento Ciudadano “flirts” with him to be a candidate. Roberto Palazuelos reiterated his intentions to be governor of Quintana Roo, and showed that his candidacy for this position, or for municipal president of Tulum, could go with Movimiento Ciudadano. The businessman stressed that he admires the stories […]

Ángela Aguilar paralyzes Instagram by looking irresistible with Aneliz Aguilar

Mexico City.- The beautiful and talented Mexican regional singer, Angela Aguilar, achievement paralyze to his millions of followers in Instagram by showing off completely irresistible from a restaurant, sheathed in a ‘outfit’ azul, while posing flirtatiously with her sister, Aneliz Aguilar placeholder image, which delights his fans. Related news The singer once again flaunted the […]

How generous! Will Smith donates a huge sum of money for fireworks for this reason

USA.- The fireworks return to New Orleans in the United States Independence Day thanks to Will Smith. Smith donated approximately 10 thousand dollars for pyrotechnics on ethe Mississippi River after finding out that New Orleans he was not planning a show for 2021, city officials told media outlets. Related news New Orleans canceled last year’s […]