The State endorses the extension of “gas and electricity” aid to businesses

The government approved on Saturday the extension until the end of December of the support fund for companies that consume large amounts of gas and electricity in order to respond to soaring energy prices, according to a decree published in the Official Journal. This text is intended toextension until December 2022 of aid for energy-intensive […]

the new rules reshuffle the cards

From Saturday, the daily spending ceiling goes from 19 euros to 25 euros for meal vouchers. Sylvain Robin/OceanProd – Faced with inflation, the government is expanding its use. Retailers should take advantage of this. The new rules for the use of restaurant vouchers risk changing the habits of their beneficiaries, and penalizing catering for […]

Apple removes Russian social network VKontakte from its app store

Apple confirmed on Wednesday (September 28th) that it had removed the applications of the Russian social network VKontakte from its App store, following new British sanctions taken against Russian organizations and personalities in retaliation for the annexation votes organized in four regions of Ukraine by Moscow. . Users of VKontakte (VK), a Russian platform similar […]

Asian Development Bank pledges $14 billion in loans

The Asian Development Bank pledged on Tuesday to provide $14 billion in loans over four years to improve food security in poor countries in Asia-Pacific amid rising global prices and climate change. The bank, which provides loans and grants to the poorest countries in the Asia-Pacific region, said the financing would target – among other […]

Giant pink diamond auctioned in Geneva

A giant pink diamond, a very rare stone, will be auctioned in Geneva in November and could sell for up to 35 million dollars (36 million euros), Christie’s announced on Monday. The gem of more than 18 carats is the largest pear-shaped pink diamond of this quality ever auctioned, adds Christie’s, owned by Artémis, holding […]

In Le Havre, 100 million euros to develop cruises

Three new terminals, intended to accommodate more stopover liners, will be built in Le Havre by 2025 for an investment of 100 million euros, announced Monday the mayor and former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. “Welcoming more ships and cruise passengers, in better conditions, while respecting environmental issues», such is the objective of this project, according […]

Berlin is waging a “hybrid war” against Moscow, accuses ex-Russian President Medvedev

Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday accused Germany of carrying out a “hybrid warfareagainst Russia, justifying the stoppage of gas supplies to Berlin by its behavior “enemyin the midst of the conflict in Ukraine. These statements come as relations between Germany and Russia, already weighed down by the conflict in Ukraine, were further strained […]

Ukrainians do not accept Canadian decision on Nord Stream turbines

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Sunday, in a telephone interview with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, that Ukrainians would never accept Canada’s decision to send turbines back to Germany “in violation of the sanctions regimeagainst Russia. It was the first meeting between the two leaders since the Canadian decision last week to allow the return […]

Lego permanently ceases sales in Russia, 81 stores affected

The Danish group will also cut the posts of “most of its Moscow-based team”. The world’s number one toy, the Danish Lego group, announced on Tuesday that it would permanently cease sales in Russia due to the war in Ukraine, affecting the 81 stores operated by a Russian distributor. The manufacturer of the famous plastic […]

a reference in the business world

Fidal is one of the benchmarks in the business world in France, and for good reason. This year, it celebrates its 100 years of support, defense and advice, for the benefit of companies and economic players. Far from resting on its achievements, Fidal proudly cultivates the pioneering spirit of its founders. Supporting the company at […]