Climate change – when the sun is harmful to health

The southern US state of Florida is popular with many people because of its warm temperatures and many hours of sunshine. But climate change is increasingly causing unbearable heat. This becomes a burden for many – especially for people who work outdoors. .

The DOK Leipzig 2021 brings: Israel, escape, digitization

MDR KULTUR: DOK Leipzig 2021 is the second festival edition under your leadership. Does the DOK Leipzig already feel normal to you? Christoph Terhechte: Normality is difficult to define – especially in these times. I also do not hope that we can now simply speak of a return to normality, even if we can return […]

GEMS | Adults | Ski helmets

Product information “GEMS” Gems is called gemstone in English. The ALPINA GEMS is our freeride jewel: unique, light and valuable – a jewel for the head. What is particularly noticeable about the GEMS is the scattered hole pattern structure, which enables extensive ventilation. With sweaty ascents or sunny mountain weather, this feature suits all freeriders. […]

Twitter unveils a new feature to encourage e-commerce

Twitter will allow a handful of retailers, including companies like GameStop and bag company Arden Cove, to promote products on company profiles as part of a renewed shopping stimulus plan. Dozens of US retailers will be able to market up to 5 products at the top of their Twitter profiles. Users can scroll through products […]

The Epic Games Store brings new features

In order to remain competitive, the Epic Games Store will soon deliver some features. Steam users will be familiar with these. Das Logo des Epic Games Store. – Epic Games Ad the essentials in brief New features for a better user experience will soon be launched in the Epic Games Store. Soon achievements and clear […]

“The Eye of Dresden”: Ernst Hirsch turns 85

MDR: Mr. Hirsch, what is the oldest film about Dresden that you have ever had in your hand? Ernst Hirsch: Not so long ago I discovered a short French recording, initiated by the inventor Lumière, and an 18-second shot: I saw the old Augustus Bridge from Schlossplatz, the trams running, the pedestrians, people with dog […]

Ingo Schulze, Rainald Grebe and Frank Castorf: premiere turbo at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden

With Ingo Schulze, Rainald Grebe and Frank Castorf as directors of Schiller’s “Wallenstein”, the Dresden State Theater is waiting for the next season. Artistic director Joachim Klement announced a total of 27 premieres on Thursday, including ten world premieres. “Righteous Murderers” and “Baron Münchhausen” This includes the dramatic version of Schulze’s novel “The Righteous Murderers”, […]

Netherlands’ fighting spirit helps them edge Ukraine in 5-goal thriller

Playing their first major tournament since the 2014 FIFA World Cup, the Netherlands opened their Euro 2020 campaign with a thrilling 3-2 win over Ukraine. The Dutch have been on the peripheries of international football for some time now, and they no longer boast a lot of genuinely world-class players like they used to. However, […]