2023 like 1923? Federal Constitutional Court will reassess the debt brake

847 billion euros of new debt in just over three years. The balance sheet of the German budget after the most recent crises is reminiscent of the hyperinflation 100 years ago. The Federal Constitutional Court will soon reassess the debt brake. It is now exactly 100 years since Germans experienced hyperinflation in the former Weimar […]

In Hesse and Hamburg: Some of the police’s data analysis software is unconstitutional

In Hesse and Hamburg Police data analysis software partly unconstitutional 02/16/2023 10:32 am When hunting down potential criminals, more and more countries are using a kind of police search engine that sifts through huge databases in a matter of seconds. Critics complain that the program does not stop at innocent people. Karlsruhe declares parts of […]

Corona policy: German school closures deal with the European Court of Human Rights

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Saarlouis – Per urgent application: Nurses are allowed to work unvaccinated | Regional

Saarlouis – A nurse from the Saar-Palatinate district is allowed to work again, although he cannot prove that he has had a corona vaccination. This was decided by the administrative court in Saarlouis – and thus granted a corresponding urgent application by the man. Reasoning of the court: On the one hand, the institution-related vaccination […]

Special needs level violates the Basic Law: Reduced benefit for refugees overturned

Single people in collective homes “Special needs level” for refugees tilted 11/25/2022, 10:08 am The grand coalition has reduced the benefits for certain single refugees with reference to savings through co-economy. The Federal Constitutional Court sees it differently and declares the regulation null and void. A man who had lived in such a facility for […]

Corona measures: “Karlsruhe simply didn’t want to”

Corona measures: “Karlsruhe simply didn’t want to” Disappointed constitutional lawyers Read on a page Federal Constitutional Court misses important opportunity to make judgment on early Corona regulation policy. With a classification by legal scholar Volker Boehme-Neßler. Germany’s top judges are exercising surprising restraint: Last Thursday, the First Senate of the Federal Constitutional Court (BVErfG) declared […]

Will what takes a long time finally be good?

Municipality in North Rhine-Westphalia Many owners wanted to save themselves the trip to a tax consultant or lawyer when it came to property tax, but then failed because of the complex computer programs. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt Due to a decision of the Federal Constitutional Court in 2018, the property values ​​for the assessment of real […]

Property tax return: This is how homeowners submit it – without despairing

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What advantage the property tax reform offers despite the chaos

Ifo-Chef Clemens Fuest The President of the ifo Institute considers the property tax reform to be “unnecessarily complicated”. He puts his hope in the states, which may implement the law better than the federal government. Mr. Fuest, Elster breakdowns, incomprehensible tax returns, obtaining umpteen documents: quite a few taxpayers capitulate before filling out the new […]