Federico Salazar

Education 4.0: Are universities prepared to apply it in Peru?

The Education 4.0 It is no longer just a cliché or idea related to the most technologically advanced education providers, but is rapidly becoming a tangible response to the fast-paced world, in which new technologies evolve and students must learn to navigate them . In order to bring the public closer to new trends in … Read more

Verónica Linares says goodbye to the newscast before giving birth to her baby: “I’ll be off the screens” | Federico Salazar | America news

Verónica Linares will be absent from America news for a while, because your pregnancy is in the final stage. The news anchor announced her dismissal from the program, and from her partner Federico Salazar, since you only have a few weeks to go give birth to your baby. “Verónica is saying goodbye because she is … Read more