Nutritious snacks for the whole family

Feeding our family and ourselves in balance is a challenge. Ideas for snacks when hunger strikes demand a lot of creativity, especially when we have set out to eat balanced and nutritious meals. Read: Gluten in Colombian food For this reason, Susan Bowerman, Herbalife’s Senior Director of Global Nutrition Education and Training, He shares a […]

Discover the amazing benefits of cherries for health | Healthy world

Las cherries they are a fruit that can be eaten fresh or used in the preparation of desserts such as cakes, mousses, jams and compotes. Larger cherries are considered to have better texture and flavor. There are two main types of cherries: sweet cherries and tart cherries. This fruit is considered a source of nutrients […]

“In Italy there are no obligations to reduce it”

That salt used in exaggerated quantities is bad, for example by increasing the blood pressure so much so that it can cause cardiovascular diseases, even very serious ones, we have known for some time. But now even the WHO is pointing the finger at excesses in consumption. Implementing policies to reduce salt content in food […]

6 foods to feel more active and in a better mood

Did you know that in addition to ensuring better health for our body, choosing the right foods could also give you an extra dose of good humor? Foods that will be responsible for raising your serotonin and endorphin levels (those known as ‘happiness hormones’) and that always combined with a balanced diet can help you […]

what is within our reach to preserve mental and physical health

He stress chronic is the disease of our time? Everything points to yes: we are deprived of mental and physical health, which means a reduction in the quality of life. But, in addition, science has found that it accelerates aging, that it can generate chronic diseases and shorten our life expectancy. Is it because we’re […]

O Rodo’s forage campaign concludes on the 8th with a talk

The O Rodo cooperative will close its information campaign on fodder production and conservation next Wednesday, the 8th, with a talk at its headquarters in Rodeiro. Two technicians advised the members farm by farm on the importance of liming the crops and fertilizing the meadows. The final day, which will take place from 4:00 p.m., […]

Diet: These are the foods with which you can start a healthier 2023

There are certain foods that can help reduce “bad” cholesterol and lose weight, while controlling anxiety levels, making you feel satisfied and not eating food that harms your health and body. You can read: Guava: what it is, symptoms and recommendations to remove it We invite you to read more content like this here It […]

Would it be possible to live longer by changing the diet? – Science – Life

A recent study conducted by researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health suggests that following healthy eating guidelines is associated with a decreased risk of premature death. The study included 75,230 women and 44,085 men, all of whom were free of cardiovascular disease or cancer at the start of the study. The […]

FAO encourages use of more sustainable agricultural practices in Lebanon

Beirut, Nov 29 (Prensa Latina) The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) today encourages in Lebanon the use of sustainable practices to obtain better productive yields and control pests. In collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Agriculture, FAO encourages potato farmers to use less chemical fertilizers and pesticides, in order to properly […]