MSB.FR – Lyon-Villeurbanne VS Le Mans (BETCLIC ELITE – 2022/2023

#3. Tres TINKLE 26 years old, 2m01, Winger #4. Marcus GOMIS 23 years old, 1m84, Running guard #5. Noah GOUDOU-SINHA 20 years old, 1m91, Running back #6. Brynton LEMAR 27 years old, 191 cm, Guard #10. Kaza KAJAMI-KEANE 28 years old, 1m88, Leader #11. Terry TARPEY 28 years old, 1m95 , Wing-back #21. Raphael DJASRAMBAYE […]

‘The Liga MX is elite, good to play and watch’

High quality. John Ignatius Dinenno‘Killer‘ of Pumasexplained that despite the criticism and comparisons that the League MX with other competitions, national soccer has a mix of quality that makes it elite. During a talk in ‘House Velarde‘, the university student explained why Mexican soccer is ideal to play and follow. “In Mexico it’s about attracting […]

the shocking number of cats found in an official study

An official cat count was carried out in Washington to find out how many felines roam the streets of the United States capital. According to this count there are around 200000 cats of the species Cat They roam the alleys, courtyards, and rooms of Washington, DC “It’s a lot of cats,” said Tyler Flockhart, population […]

MSB.FR – Lyon-Villeurbanne VS Le Mans (BETCLIC ELITE – 2021/2022

#1. Deishuan Booker 24 years old, 191 cm, Rear leader #3. Matthieu GAUZIN 20 years old, 190 cm, Rear leader #4. Scott BAMFORTH 32 years old, 188 cm, Rear leader #5. Lucas VERAGHE 20 years, 197 cm, Rear #9. Hugo MIENANDI 18 years old, 199 cm, Winger #10. Kaza KAJAMI-KEANE 27 years old, 188 cm, […]