We are all victims of the Iranian regime, by Négar Djavadi – Liberation

TRIBUNE Article reserved for subscribers The powerlessness of Iranians outside, as well as the political, social and personal violence that Iranians inside suffer, are part and parcel of the same totalitarian will forged in ideology and terror, according to the writer . Since September 16, 2022, since the name of Mahsa Amini joined the tragically […]

That’s it? with Maren Kroymann

Details Christa Nickels was a nurse and a Green Party politician, both of which she was passionate about. She was always one of the first and wanted to make a difference, whether as a young girl at school or in the eighties. She co-founded the party “Die Grünen” in North Rhine-Westphalia and belonged to the […]

Research grants from the Committee for the History of Inserm

Research aidsof the Committee for the History of InsermAcademic year 2022-2023 The Committee for the History of Inserm was created in January 2017 to contribute to a better understanding of the institution, its work and more broadly of health and medical research. For the start of the 2022 school year, it offers financial support to […]

Author Rafia Zakaria criticizes white mainstream feminism – Munich

“Me Too” is not an invention of Meryl Streep. When Simone de Beauvoir spoke of the “other sex”, she meant only the white woman. British suffragettes were actively involved in colonialism. Lawyer, human rights activist and author Rafia Zakaria holds up a mirror to mainstream Western feminism in her book Against White Feminism. And the […]

Abortion: a public health issue

In a historic decision, the Constitutional Court has decriminalized abortion if it is performed in the first 24 weeks. The first thing to say is that women do not abort for pleasure. It is a very difficult decision and it is not a planning method either. When a woman decides to abort, she does it […]

“Seduction patterns create very early anxiety in women around age”

The cross: How do contemporary arts represent ageing? Juliet Rennes: The share of people over 60 in the population has now reached unprecedented proportions. But everything happens as if the visual representations had not followed. This invisibilization particularly affects women. The “Tunnel of the 50-year-old actress” collective, which brings together actors and especially actresses, has […]

Thekla Dannenberg and Michael Kienzl – film reviews of Bergman Island by Mia Hansen-Løve and the documentary Zuhurs Töchter by Laurentia Genske and Robin Humboldt – In the cinema

On the island of Fårö, high up off the Swedish Baltic coast, has Ingmar Bergman shot his masterpieces: “Scenes of a Marriage”, “Persona”, “As in a Mirror”. For the director, the island was a source of inspiration and a refuge in life crises. Fifty years later, Tony and Chris come to Fårö, not to cope […]