For the first time, Hiromi’s widower publishes photo of his daughter Juliet

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 01.07.2020 16:34:42 Fernando Santana, widower of singer Hiromi Hayakawa, shared for the first time a photo on his Instagram account in which he appears carrying his daughter Julieta, who unfortunately lost his life with Hiromi in September 2017 due to complications in childbirth. “She is my beautiful Julieta, I had […]

Hiromi’s widower shares unpublished photo of his deceased daughter

The singer revealed an unpublished photograph just at the time that he was carrying little Juliet, who would also lose her life with her mother in 2017. “She is my beautiful Juliet, I had her in my arms and she was so fragile, so small and so beautiful. I always waited for me to carry […]