Comparative advertising of a KN95 mask with an FFP2 mask is misleading

Sales of medical mouth and nose coverings are booming. In particular, the sales figures of FFP2 masks are increasing, and in some areas of public life, for example in local public transport, it is mandatory to wear these special protective masks. The masks also want to be advertised on the various sales portals, but caution … Read more

Corona: Hamburg tightens mask requirement | NDR.de – Nachrichten – Hamburg

Status: 04/23/2021 5:49 p.m. In the future, simple surgical masks will no longer be sufficient in Hamburg’s buses, trains and port ferries – passengers will have to wear an FFP2 mask. With the entry into force of the new Corona regulation on Saturday, the mask requirement in Hamburg will be tightened again. In the future, … Read more