Facebook abolishes controversial facial recognition system

Facebook In the past few years, the network had already scaled back facial recognition, which was introduced more than ten years ago. (Photo: dpa) Providence Facebook wants to stop its facial recognition system in the future and delete corresponding data from more than a billion users. It is one of the biggest changes in the […]

New restructuring process: wobbly game for companies

Shirt and blouse manufacturer Eterna The company announced publicly that the holding company is to undergo restructuring according to the new “StaRUG” procedure. (Photo: Hanjo Schumacher, RZZ) Berlin When the well-known shirt and blouse manufacturer Eterna recently announced publicly that it wanted to undergo a renovation according to the new “StaRUG” process, it made people […]

Population in Malta almost completely vaccinated, Bulgaria has 20 percent

at There is great disparity in vaccination rates in EU countries. Front runner is the island nation Malta, there are 90.3 percent of all adults fully vaccinated. Taillight is Bulgaria with only 20 percent. Overall, the countries in the east of the EU do worse. All six states that were below 50 percent on Tuesday […]

Insurers expect high claims payments

The place of guilt in Rhineland-Palatinate Initial estimates assume damage totaling between four and five billion euros. (Photo: dpa) Munich More and more insurers are going public with their forecasts of the insured loss amounts due to the devastating storm “Bernd”. On Tuesday, market leader Allianz announced the total of more than 500 million euros […]

How real estate buyers can redeem their contract free of charge

Construction site in Munich Those who took out a loan years ago usually find more favorable terms today – but an early exit from the contract usually costs a lot of money. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt For real estate buyers, an early exit from old loans can be financially worthwhile. With many contracts concluded years ago, […]

Data protection activists urge ministries to shut down

Kelber expresses understanding for the fact that individual federal ministries regard their fan pages as an “important element of their public relations work”. Therefore, he initially refrained from “remedial measures”. However, only under the proviso that the negotiations with Facebook made “demonstrable” progress and had “recognizable prospects of immediate success”. However, Facebook only sent the […]

Heavy fines against Telegram and Facebook in Russia

The latest investigations began after the mass protests against the detention of the Kremlin opponent Alexei Navalny in January. Recently, the short message service Twitter was able to prevent a blockade in Russia because it removed prohibited content such as child pornography and calls for suicide. Top jobs of the day Find the best jobs […]

Online gambling is becoming a billion-dollar risk for PayPal & Co.

Frankfurt Local payment service providers are threatened with drastic consequences from a new ruling on online gambling. As has now become known, the Ulm Regional Court decided in December that PayPal must compensate a gambler. In 2017, the plaintiff transferred more than 9,600 euros to an internet casino via PayPal and gambled them away there. […]

Air passengers are entitled to double compensation

Frankfurt Passengers are entitled to double compensation if their flight was canceled due to technical problems and the replacement flight was then significantly delayed for similar reasons. The European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided on Thursday (Az. C-832/18). In the specific case, the passengers wanted to fly from Helsinki to Singapore with Finnair. The airline […]

CJEU lawyer classifies defeat devices as illegal

Hamburg In the dispute over defeat devices for diesel cars, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) is showing a narrow interpretation of exemptions. ECJ Advocate General Eleanor Sharpston declared such techniques for exhaust gas cleaning in her closing argument (Az: C-693/18) on Thursday to be inadmissible. Exceptionally, these could only be approved if “the device […]