Colombia receives 200 fans donated by USAID

The morning of this Wednesday 200 fans donated by the United States Agency for International Development arrived in the country (USAID) to combat COVID-19. This was reported via Twitter by the agency and President Duque, who indicated: “these implements have the particularity of being portable, which allows us to take them to areas where they […]

“Boxing is so down, I don’t know who the rooster champion is”: ‘Happy’ Lora

Considered one of the best stylists of his time, but with enough dynamite to liquidate rivals with his powerful left hand, Colombian Miguel ‘Happy’ Lora believes that current boxing has lost its luster and interest because there are no solid idols or champions. that provide a show. “The boxers from before had better technique, they […]

The WHO diet to combat coronavirus

Although it indicates that there are no foods or dietary supplements that can prevent or cure coronavirus infection, healthy diets are important to support the immune system. Good nutrition can also reduce the chance of developing other health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Read more►Coronavirus: WHO asked to […]

The easiest and most effective exercise to combat anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental disorders among the Spanish population. Almost all of us have suffered or will suffer an episode in the coming years. The stress generated by everyday life, now increased by the exceptional situation we entered after the coronavirus pandemic, it continues to affect many adult people in our […]

Ricky Martin, Thalía and more celebrities celebrating LGBTI + Pride Day

This weekend the LGBTI + community celebrates its Pride Day around the world and various entertainment figures have joined through posts on their social networks. Women like Thalía, Paulina Rubio, Fey and Belinda, who have a great fanaticism within this community, sent messages of support in love with photos and videos. They were joined by […]

There will be increased presence of security forces in the municipalities

The governor of the Atlantic, Elsa Noguera, insisted in his call to the citizens to use extreme measures of self-protection against the spread of coronavirus and asked the security forces to increase patrols on the streets, to ensure fences and health and the enforcement of curfews. “Today we ask our security forces to advance on […]