Overseas. The fight against dengue fever must continue despite the Covid-19

Sanitary measures taken to fight the Covid-19 pandemic should not hamper mosquito control actions Overseas, while the dengue epidemic has started in several overseas territories, recommends the health agency ANSES. Negative effects of containment Cessation of control operations against mosquitoes could have serious health consequences, estimates the National agency of health security in a notice […]

Possible Tyson-Holyfield match for charity

Former world boxing champion Evander Holyfield is in talks with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to hold an exhibition fight for the charity fight against the coronavirus. “Your team has spoken to mine and we have not yet reached a solid agreement, but we are going in that direction,” Holyfield told The 3 Point Conversion […]

Protests Against Restrictions To Fight Coronavirus Increase In Germany

BY JUAN CARLOS BARRENA German police are investigating the placement of a fake headstone by unidentified individuals at the Chancellor Angela Merkel’s constituency office in the eastern German town of Stralsund in the northern German state of Mecklenburg-Antepomerania. The flagstone, surrounded by roses and funeral candles, bore the inscription “Freedom of the press – Freedom […]

The fight of a writer to save the village of Lacoste

The case is now well known. About twenty years ago, couturier Pierre Cardin, “the stone collector”, fell in love with Lacoste, a charming little village in the Luberon. There he bought the castle of the Marquis de Sade, which threatened ruin, and renovated it at great cost. → DOSSIER. Culture at the show: our selection […]

Mike Tyson was going to hit Michael Jordan in 1998, according to book

At the peak of his career, when he already stood out in the boxing world and was seen as one of the most dangerous men on the planet, Mike Tyson intimidated basketball player Michael Jordan and stayed close to hitting him at a private dinner that took place in December 1988. So, Jordan He was […]

Madrid, ‘Ground Zero’ of the political fight

From minute one of the pandemic, the Community of Madrid was identified as the ‘Ground Zero’ of the coronavirus. When we are less than a week away from two months after the government decreed a state of alarm, Madrid is about to have the dubious honor of adding to that initial rating another, if possible […]

Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie join viral fight challenge

The actresses participated in the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge. Photo: screenshot UNITED STATES. New Zealand actress and double risk Zoë Bell joined her colleagues to a challenge that consists of recording a fight scene for the Boss Bitch Fight Challenge. Personalities such as Scarlett Johansson, Margot Robbie, Cameron Diaz, Thandie Newton, Zoe Saldana, Drew Barrymore, […]

The horror spreads to PS4 and Xbox One

On April 28, 2020, Destructive Creations, All in! Games, Meridiem Games and Invader Studios published the survival horror game Daymare: already released for PC in 1998 in cooperation with Slipgate Studios for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (Microsoft Store). The PS4 version is even available in stores as an exclusive Black Edition with premium box, […]