Initiative France takes part in the fight for economic activity

Initiative France is on the bridge. While it had presented its 2019 results a few days before the start of the containment, the associative network which helps the creation or the safeguard of small businesses takes its part in the economic fight caused by the general slowdown in activity. Supporting entrepreneurs Only sixty of the […]

Instagram launches a feature that facilitates donations to NGOs to combat Covid-19

The social networkInstagramwill launch this Tuesday a new functionality that allowsdonationson Instagram Live to facilitate fundraising for NGOs that assist in efforts to combat the coronavirus crisis. “We have seen a significant increase in IG Live, so we hope this will allow more people to create and activate fundraisers.100% of all money raised goes directly […]

Who will earn on the treatment of Russians from coronavirus

What does the Ministry of Health recommend? Based on the experience of other countries, the Ministry of Health recommends the use of drugs that have a direct antiviral effect. For example, for the treatment of mild and moderate forms of coronavirus infection in people younger than 60 years old – antimalarial hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and mefloquine, […]

Bill Gates to Spend Over $ 40 Billion on Coronavirus Control

This represents the entire resources of his “Bill & Melinda Gates” foundation. Bill Gates, the founder of the American company Microsoft, will invest the entire resources of his foundation “Bill & Melinda Gates” in the fight against the new coronavirus. This fund contains more than $ 40 billion (37 billion euros). This money is normally […]

The Covid and the Oil Goliaths, a fierce fight that is heading for a notable defeat

The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 continues hitting pigtails. On Monday, April 20, we experienced a historical fact: the United States’ oil futures fell sharply, reaching negative values. The WTI (West Texas Intermediate) touched a record of less $ 37.63 per barrel for the first time in history, while the price of Brent (international reference […]

Sweden envies the rigor of its neighbors

Anders Tegnell, director of the department responsible for designing the policy against Covid-19 in the Swedish Public Health Agency, He affirmed in his daily press conference this Friday, that “this is not over.” The number of infections and deaths had risen, and again the epidemic mitigation strategy was questioned. Tegnell attributed the figures (812 new […]

In confinement, the Museum of Angers reopens its doors on the video game Animal Crossing

In Animal Crossing , it is possible to grow flowers, build your own furniture, socialize with characters more adorable than each other … but also to cultivate. Since the beginning of April, the Museum of Natural Sciences in Angers has offered players the opportunity to virtually visit the establishment’s collection. Released on March 20 on […]

The strength of the character in the series

A great series can be based on a great idea or on immortal characters. The first model is not inferior, but it usually does more damage over time. F. Scott Fitzgerald said that there are no second acts in American lives. It may have been true in the crazy 1920s. In the not very sane […]

The WHO diet to combat coronavirus

Although it indicates that there are no foods or dietary supplements that can prevent or cure coronavirus infection, healthy diets are important to support the immune system. Good nutrition can also reduce the chance of developing other health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Read moreâ–ºCoronavirus: WHO asked to […]