Fishing companies seek crew due to lack of foreigners

Fishing companies have trouble hiring sailors Because its foreign crew have been affected by border restrictions due to the coronavirus, thus scarce the workers willing to fill those jobs. The coronavirus accentuates the lack of personnel and graduates in jobs in the fishing sector, and highlights the importance of foreign sailors who work with the […]

Fishing for the cane with the coronavirus on the Franco-German border

Going to buy bread is almost the daily departure for many citizens in time of confinement. Almost all of us have an office near our homes … Another thing is that it is the one that we like. But in times of coronavirus we are not to choose. The problem is when you live in […]

In Patagonia, a fly fishing master class (beginners welcome)

ONE WEEK I DON’T LIKE Any of the other 3,000 that I have spent on Earth began as a surprise for my wife’s birthday. Seven days in a remote fly-fishing lodge in Argentina, at the southern end of Patagonia. Here we were, the equivalent of fly fishing for fishermen, reserved for fishing in some of […]

Regulatory loophole for Ecuadorian tuna | Economy

Ecuador is one of the younger brothers in Latin America in population, with 17.5 million inhabitants; in surface, with 256,700 square kilometers; or in GDP per capita, with 6,344 dollars (5,838 euros). But at the same time it is a giant of world reference in the tuna sector that competes from you to you with […]

Melchsee in Switzerland: fun ice fishing, even without a catch

KThe first hole is drilled in the thick layer of ice, the bell is already jingling elsewhere. Has a rainbow trout bitten there or a char? Perhaps even a half meter specimen, as the two men at the other end of the frozen lake proudly presented earlier? A second ring of the bell on the […]

Ocean Sentinel: Albatrosses against pirate fishermen – knowledge

The pattern is always the same. As soon as the fish trawlers have reached the more distant corners in international waters, they switch off the transponders of the automatic identification systems (AIS). So invisible to satellite surveillance, entire fleets of undeclared ships are looting fish stocks in the vastness of the oceans. The fishing mafia’s […]