Imitated Tang Feng’s 200,000 film and was ridiculed by the boss, Ye Yuanzhi, changed his mouth “outsourcing cost 0 yuan” to face himself | Politics | New head shell Newtalk

Ye Yuanzhi’s filming deliberately imitated the “Tang Feng Beast Movie” to satirize the government’s misuse of public funds.Picture: Turn over the book of Ye Yuan The Executive Yuan issued a five-fold coupon and asked the Executive Yuan’s administrative committee member Tang Feng to become a “Tang Feng Beast” to shoot a video for publicity. This […]

See here for revitalization! 3 counties and cities found that the gold here is issued more “one coupon” to get it at the end of 8 thousand-Politics-China Times News

The Executive Yuan’s post-conference press conference announced on the 26th the plan for “revitalizing five times coupons”, emphasizing that consumers should not demand change. The picture shows people going to the store to make small purchases. (Photo by Luo Yongming) Taiwan’s new crown pneumonia epidemic began in May, which has impacted the people’s livelihood and […]