A treasure composed of 239 gold coins discovered in a Finistère mansion

It is a real treasure, made up of 239 gold coins, minted during the reigns of Louis XIII and Louis XIV, which were discovered during work in a manor house in Finistère, we learned Thursday from the house Ivoire Angers which will auction them at the end of September. The discovery of these royal coins […]

‘any’ border crossing by Russia would trigger US reaction, says Antony Blinken

«All“Russia’s crossing of the Ukrainian border would cause a reaction”fast and severeof the United States, assured Thursday, January 20 the American Secretary of State Antony Blinken during a press conference alongside his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock in Berlin while tensions are at their highest between Moscow and the West. Read alsoRenaud Girard: “Vladimir Putin will […]

the anti-abortion parade in Paris against the extension of the legal duration

REPORTAGE – In Paris, they were this Sunday between 4,500, according to the police headquarters, and 20,000, according to the organizers. «The March for Life, I do it every year. For me, abortion is already a monstrous act. Corn extend its deadline from 12 to 14 weeks, it is simply unimaginable“. Ségolène, 40, mother of […]

two men indicted

Two young people were indicted for “intentional homicide” after the death of a man Sunday morning in front of a bar on the island of Nantes, the public prosecutor, Renaud Gaudeul said Thursday. “It appears that the victim suffered particularly violent stab wounds from three individuals. Two of them have already been identified, ”the prosecutor […]

Aramis Auto posts sales exceeding expectations in 2021

The internet vehicle sales platform Aramis Auto recorded a turnover for the whole of its fiscal year postponed to 2021 higher than its objectives, according to figures published on Tuesday. By weighting the acquisition of the British site CarSupermarket.com (pro forma data), Aramis Auto posted revenues up 25.9% to 1.361 billion euros for the fiscal […]

Embarrassing new accusations for the British Conservative Party

A British MP was singled out on Tuesday for having held a job in a Caribbean tax haven alongside his tenure, accusations embarrassing for his Conservative Party already mired in a patronage scandal. According to the Daily Mail tabloid, lawyer and MP Geoffrey Cox earned up to 900,000 pounds sterling (1.05 million euros) advising the […]

“A lot of work to do” to develop district heating, say professionals

To exploit the potential of district heating networks and catch up on renewable targets, existing networks will need to be decarbonized and densified, new ones will have to be created and, above all, public awareness has to be raised, say representatives of the sector. Read alsoThe French favor wood heating Of the 671 terawatt-hours of […]

Repaired after a fire, the nuclear submarine Perle returned to Toulon

The nuclear attack submarine Perle, ravaged in 2020 by a fire and repaired in Cherbourg, returned to its Toulon base on Sunday for the resumption of maintenance work interrupted by the disaster, before its return to “the operational cycle” in the first half of 2023. The semi-submersible ship “Rolldock storm” which conveyed the submarine from […]

his family calls on Macron before his visit to Poitiers

The family of Tiphaine Véron, a French tourist whose disappearance in 2018 in Japan has never been clarified, hopes that “emblematic case of Poitiers justice“, His city of origin, will be mentioned Monday during the visit of Emmanuel Macron who is to launch the States General of Justice there. “We hope that the disappearance of […]