They link 72% of excess deaths to covid-19, it would be 155 thousand 990 deaths

MEXICO CITY The Health Secretary yesterday reported 105 thousand 655 deaths due to the new coronavirus and one million 107 thousand 71 cases of the disease. 217 1,989 more deaths than expected occurred between January 1 and October 24 this year On day 183 of the so-called new normal, Ruy López Ridaura, director of the […]

Usumacinta River reaches historic level in Tabasco

The Usumacinta, considered the largest river in the country, broke the record of the last 12 years. Photo: Cuartoscuro VILLAHERMOSA Tabasco authorities maintain the alert against rains and floods after in the last 12 hours the level of the Usumacinta river in the municipality of Balancán, registered a historical increase of seven centimeters. It may […]

The streaming war is raging; Disney + increases competition

MEXICO CITY. The music and video streaming industry is growing in Mexico. The arrival of Disney +, the new offer of Spotify and Amazon Music for podcasts, and Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, expanding their partnerships with local content producers, make the battles get tougher for the market. In the midst of the pandemic, streaming […]

They attack the US embassy; Washington activates defense system

Rocket launcher allegedly used to attack the US embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone. Photo: Twitter @RebeccaRambar BAGDAD. Seven projectiles were fired yesterday at the US embassy in Baghdad, thus breaking the truce respected for a month by pro-Iranian Iraqi groups. Several explosions were heard followed by the sound of other detonations and red flashes in […]

They look at the stars; the NBA draft is taking place today

MEXICO CITY. Dince their homes, future NBA players will await team decisions when the draft takes place tonight with guard LaMelo Ball as the favorite to be chosen in the top spot of the draft. The coronavirus pandemic forced the league to cancel the event it had planned to hold at the Barclays Center in […]

Red lights are lit in Tabasco, Chiapas, Veracruz and Oaxaca by Frente Frío 13

Furthermore, the new Tropical Depression, which formed in the Caribbean Sea, is expected to turn into Hurricane IOTA on Monday. Photo: @conagua_clima MEXICO CITY Again alerts are lit in the southeast of the country, because the Cold Front number 13 will cause intense and torrential rains in Veracruz, Oaxaca, Tabasco and Chiapas, from Sunday, November […]

Universal Mexican; looking for isolated and sanitized corona

MEXICO CITY. Behind closed doors, from a hotel in Querétaro and without public events involved due to the pandemic before the covid-19, is how the Universal Mexican beauty contest will be held, whose two eliminatory, on November 15 and 22, and the finale, on November 29, will be broadcast by Image Television. Lupita Jones, national […]

There will be jail for evading with outsourcing; López Obrador sends initiative to deputies

MEXICO CITY. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador seeks that the subcontracting of personnel is prohibited in the country. Your initiative, sent yesterday to the Chamber of Deputies, includes penalties, economic and imprisonment, for employers who incur in this practice associated with the crime of tax fraud. While the outsourcing It has been applied legally in […]

Mexican Universal by Imagen Televisión

The winner of Mexicana Universal will become the representative of our country of Miss Universe. MEXICO CITY If you like to see beauty pageants, you cannot miss the third edition of Universal Mexican. Instagram changes nudity policy after plus-size model campaign This Sunday, November 15, you will see the Miss Universe tie in Mexico through […]

Exercises and recommendations at home after overcoming covid-19

MEXICO CITY The physical exercise is an ally in the prevention of complications in recovered covid-19 patients, the new coronavirus pneumonia and caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which began in the city of Wuhan, China, which has become a public health event that extends to more than 215 countries in the world. On March 11, […]