Phil May, chic chaos – Culture / Next

Disappeared Friday at age 75 in Norfolk following a bicycle accident, Phil May, the leader and singer of Pretty Things, appeared for a time in the repertoire of David Bowie: not to the letter M but to the letter G , for “God”, that is to say God. Bowie may have understood something from Philip […]

Shirley Collins: The Secret Queen of Folk Music

LToday they no longer travel around the world, they float in the global data streams, they can be heard anywhere and at any time. Shirley Collins’ life’s work is also a long, broad stream. It ends with “The Ballad of Shirley Collins”, a strange, two-year-old collection with spoken words and the old field recordings from […]

Georges Nivat: “In Russia there is the idea that there is no truth, only opinions”

The memories of Russia are multiple. It is this plurality that the specialist of Russian culture Georges Nivat continues to explore in the monument work Sites of Russian memory, whose second volume – “History and myths of Russian memory” – was recently published by Fayard editions. On several hundred pages are listed the topoi from […]

The films to see (or not) this week

The films to see (or not) this week Cinema outings. What should you see at the cinema this Wednesday? Here is a summary of the reviews of our culture department. Click on the links to read the articles. Kongo, by Hadrien La Vapeur and Corto Vaclav. To create the powerful portrait of a captivator in […]

Liberato, the strange Neapolitan – Culture / Next

There is a knock on the door: a messenger hands us a vinyl adorned with a rose taped to the cover. “From a Neapolitan admirer”, he blows before disappearing. We note that the rose is already withered. Perhaps because of the trip from Naples, cradle of the Liberato phenomenon, mysterious singer who since Valentine’s Day […]

“Alma”, memories of other worlds – Culture / Next

“In the beginning, the world was divided into three: the coasts for men and beasts, the deep sea for geniuses and monsters, and the great desert for demons and specters. Over time, the geniuses emerged from the water, humans walked over the desert, and demons entered the cities. So there was war, and then the […]