The Witcher 3: fast travel is a snap on Xbox Series X

The release date of the new home console of Microsoft gets closer and a lot of relative information comes in little by little. You can also watch our unboxing here and read our Xbox Series X review over there. Some Internet users have therefore had fun by sharing a little gameplay on the machine and […]

Earn money with the Girondins! – Around the Girondins

Football makes us vibrate, that’s clear. Every goal, every action triggers powerful emotions that make you want more and more. We have to admit it, we are addicted to the Girondins de Bordeaux! Increase the pleasure of football by making ends meet Gregory’s story toured the web last spring, when it was still possible to […]

European budget. Disgruntled MEPs who let it be known

The European Parliament adopted with a large majority on Thursday a resolution to express its disagreement with the draft budget adopted at the last European summit in Brussels. In the European Parliament, a political resolution supported by no less than five political groups, ranging from the Radical Left (GUE) to the Right (EPP), marks Thursday, […]