Donald Trump critic reveals his identity

The mystery of a critical inside article about Donald Trump’s White House is out. After a good two years, a former chief of staff from the Ministry of Homeland Security revealed himself. Photo series with 12 pictures A former employee of the US Department of Homeland Security has revealed himself as a mysterious “Anonymous” who […]

The casino is shocked! Man U wins the ‘UCL’ championship

The elite Pool Shop adjusts the price of the UEFA Champions League title after Man United collapsed Leipzig, and the favorite is Bayern, followed by Man City and Liverpool Bet Fair Legal British bookmakers adjust their prices. Manchester United The English Premier League giants from the 10 favorites come up to 6 favorites to win […]

His brother reveals why Prince Abdul Azim of Brunei died

Prince Abdul Matheen, his brother, opened his heart after the loss of his brother. Stated His Highness died from internal organs failure. After many illnesses Brunei’s Prince Abdulmaen opened his heart through his personal Instagram for the first time. After the loss of Prince Abdul Azim Phra Chettha on 24 Oct ago. “There’s never been […]

Conversion of IT: Deutsche Bahn is in the cloud

Deutsche Bahn switches off all of its own servers and relies entirely on the cloud. The data of the ticket booking system now also runs through the data centers of the US companies Microsoft and Amazon. Deutsche Bahn has completed the relocation of its entire information technology (IT) to the cloud, i.e. to an external […]

Fight against the corona pandemic: emergency measures or rule chaos?

In view of the increasing number of corona cases, the federal states and many large cities have increased their security measures. Above all, bans on accommodation and higher fines for those who refuse to wear a mask are discussed further. After the number of confirmed new corona infections had risen significantly in the past week, […]

Power did not fill him

Thomas Oppermann was sporty, liked to run up the Brocken in the Harz Mountains and looked younger than he was. That is also why the sudden death of the 66-year-old is so concerned. Somebody from the company that everyone knew and loved, dies suddenly. Thomas Oppermann wanted to do what he had done so often, […]

Federal Environment Agency: More and more packaging waste |

The consumption of packaging in Germany continues to rise – it rose again in 2018 to a record high of 18.9 million tons. Every single citizen produced a calculated 227.5 kilograms of packaging waste. The coffee to take away, the dinner from the delivery service, the yoghurt in small single portions: In 2018, more packaging […]

Christmas and Corona: Very “Silent Night” in the Vatican

Christmas will look different this year: Due to Corona, the Pope is only planning the celebrations in the Vatican in a small circle. And in Germany many Christmas markets have already been canceled. Because of the corona pandemic, Pope Francis will hold this year’s Christmas celebrations “in private” and broadcast them online. This emerges from […]

Referendum in Chile: “Today we made history”

“Chile aprobó “- the Chileans voted for a new constitution with a huge majority. Thousands of people celebrated in the capital Santiago. By Anne Herrberg, ARD Studio Buenos Aires Horn concerts, fireworks, dancing, laughing, tears of joy – people in Chile celebrate. All over the country and on Plaza Italia in Santiago de Chile, which […]