Roger Federer-Express also goes to Weil – SWR news

Basel recently started paying tribute to its most famous athlete with a tram. She also travels to neighboring France and to Weil am Rhein. This tram has recently been attracting special attention in the cityscape of Basel: It is the Roger Federer Express with which the city of Basel is setting a rolling example for […]

Health at work – an issue for many companies

The Wiler Camion Transport is once again awarded the “Friendly Work Space” label by Health Promotion Switzerland. This label is given to organizations that focus on the health of their employees. October 29, 2021 6:00 p.m. editorial staff Health at work: Wiler company Camion Transport awarded label. (Subject image) Pexels by Only healthy employees […]

The dangerous shadow world of Donald Trump

The ex-president has a problem: most of the mass media ignore him. He remains blocked on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. That is why Donald Trump has created his own dangerous media reality. “I want our country back,” said Donald Trump a few days ago in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, the well-known Fox News commentator […]

This is the idea behind the sea of ​​corona flags in Washington

The US artist Suzanne Firstenberg wants to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of corona deaths with a huge installation. Now the project is supposed to end, but the death rate is increasing. Like gentle waves on the sea, the mild Washington autumn wind moves the little white flags that seem to stretch out into endless […]

Oberuzwil parish hall in need of renovation and too little space

The parish hall in Oberuzwil was ready to move into in the summer of 1930; it is now too small and there is a need for renovation. With an extension on the east side, the shortage of space could be remedied in the long term, barrier-free access could be implemented and the school administration could […]

According to study, more US citizens died from Corona than from the Spanish …

Over 650,000 white flags in front of the National Mall in Washington symbolize the lives lost to COVID19./picture alliance /, Stephen Shaver Washington – As a result of the corona pandemic, more US citizens have now died than from the Spanish flu. According to a Johns Hopkins University census published yesterday, more than 675,700 […]

Homosexuals in the Netherlands can donate blood more easily

/ dpa Amsterdam – It is now easier for homosexual men in the Netherlands to donate blood. The only requirement is that they have been in a steady monogamous relationship for at least twelve months, the nationwide blood bank announced yesterday. Up until now, homosexuals in the Netherlands were only allowed to donate blood if […]

For the first time, more than a thousand new corona infections per day in Australia

/picture alliance / Xinhua News Agency, Hu Jingchen Sydney / Wellington – Australia yesterday reported more than 1,000 domestic new coronavirus infections within one day for the first time since the pandemic began. The record stems from an outbreak in the state of New South Wales, which includes Australia’s most populous city, Sydney. The authorities […]

Art and museum lovers on a culinary tour through Winterthur

With around 115,000 inhabitants, Winterthur is the sixth largest Swiss city and is actually only a stone’s throw from Wil. Nevertheless, this museum and garden city is hardly known to many Eastern Swiss people. Reason enough for art and museum friends in Wil and the surrounding area to find out more about the special features […]